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  1. This is stupid. The nuns at Clyde, Missouri make gluten safe hosts. 17 ppm. Well under the 20 ppm threshold. I consume them safely here in Omaha every week.
  2. When I get glutened, I cough. Loud. for 20-30 minutes. Once people hear that, they take it seriously. Refer your son to the newbie thread. If he still doesn't get it, kick him in the posterior. Hard!
  3. I have not tried Schar's, but the other national brands are all bad to horrible. Find a local gluten-free bakery if you can. Or try Omaha's bakery, Stick and Stone. They ship nationally, and have a wide variety of products, including at least a dozen breads, cookies, three kinds of crackers, pizza...
  4. I also had it in a North Houston, in Humble. Not bad. Not great, but a lot better than the Udi's buns so many chains use.
  5. The nuns from the Convent in Clyde, Missouri make a low gluten host (17 ppm) that is used here in Omaha. If low gluten hosts are not available, I simply take the cup. Gluten is called for by canon law (because Christ used wheat bread of some sort), as is wine, which was also used at the Last Supper...
  6. Severe coughing and brain fog, within 20 minutes. Usually lasts for an hour or two.
  7. My newborn grandson (4 months old) is on one and thriving. I have a friend with a three year old that is just learning to eat by mouth. These tubes are very common, but I have no experience with someone of her age.
  8. Check the labels, as many products of the brands mentioned above are not real cheese, just "cheese products", I go to a good deli and buy good cheeses with no problems, If you do have a lactose issue, stick with the hard cheeses as previously noted.
  9. Don't give in on dining out. Almost every pizza place I know has gluten-free options. You have to,tell them about cross contamination issues sometimes, but I have not had any issues. Mexican restaurants have options, and numerous chains (Jason's Deli, Schlotzsky's, Chipotle, Noodles) all have many...
  10. You can eat out. There are many restaurants that are knowledgeable about and sensitive to gluten free needs.
  11. Yes. I wasn't diagnosed until age 60. Looking back, I know I had the disease for at least 20-30 years before diagnosis. But the good news is that things do get better once you go gluten free. Hang in there.
  12. For fast food, both Jason's Deli and Schlotzky's have gluten free options. I am told Panera is starting. We have regional pizza chains like Pie Five and Uncle Maddio's that have gluten-free crusts and take precautions for gluten-free eaters.
  13. I don't get sick with Omission, but it kind of makes me feel odd. Sticking to wine and liquor from here on out.
  14. Symptoms really vary. My main one is a nasty cough that usually begins 20-30 minutes after being glutened. But folks I know with GI symptoms report a delayed reaction as not unusual.
  15. Kareng is correct. There are also a number of good reference books on celiacs and gluten free issues. Also several magazines. The main thing is to find out the hidden and unusual sources of gluten, and also to be very careful when eating at restaurants. I got glutened quite a few times at restaurants...