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  1. Thanks for all your input. I actually started eating gluten again because they said I didn't have the genetic marker and that I couldn't have celiac disease (which was after being gluten free for a year). I started getting GI symptoms again about 8 months after I went gluten free and still have...
  2. This is long, but I really feel at my witts end about all my medical problems. 4 years ago - I had a Positive TTG-IGG (12.5), negative biopsy, terrible bowel issues, was told I had chronic gastritis and told to take Pepcid. I had gone gluten free and mostly allergen free for a while and felt...
  3. It's really more for peace of mind and to ensure that I get proper follow up. I work as a nurse in healthcare and I know how hard it is to get things you need. I also hate not knowing for sure. What if it's crohns or something else? They just stop the search and say you have gluten sensitivity, which...
  4. I know it's confusing. January-labs were done and ttg iga (negative) and ttg igg 12.7 (positive), no total iga was done or any other celiac labs february- endoscopy was negative march-was told to go gluten free I have been gluten free since then and all my symptoms resolved october- had my labs...
  5. So, I have posted on here before and been told I may have celiac disease, but I still have questions. My labs are ttg iga (negative), ttg igg (strong positive 12.8), the total iga was normal a couple weeks ago but they never tested it originally. I had a negative biopsy and was told to go gluten...
  6. What are some of your favorite cookbooks that don't take too much effort or tons of ingredients? I really like crock pot recipes and casseroles because I have two small kids and don't have time to research tons of recipes online or to cook them.