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  1. Locally I have a go to Casa Fiesta, but they have one thing I know I am safe to eat and that's pretty much it. I am always looking to expand my horizons to restaurants that have more options. I mean you have the traditional order a burger no bun, don't eat the fries, No breaded chicken all that but sometimes gluten free can be boring if your always at the same place. You can only eat so much Wendy's chilli and potatoes and frosty's right? (well maybe not the frosty's I mean who could get tired of those) Anyway The meal at Casa is a go to because it's something I like and I know it's genuinly safe but I don't want burn out on it either. So I am open for restaurant suggestions.....

  2. I have been "coping with celiac" since July 2014. I must agree it takes its toll on your body and rightly so your not absorbing nutrients like you should so your body reacts. I have times when It's almost like depression hits, maybe it does. I be sure to take my Multivitamin daily and try very very hard to stick to my gluten free diet. I notice if I have a "run-in" with Gluten I am feeling those effects for a few days at least. I throw up that initial time and then I feel no hunger at all and very drained for at least 24 hours after.