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About Me

Is it Gluten? SIBO? IBS? Stress? Anxiety? Hormones? I'm gluten free regardless.


Sept 2014  Age 35, delivered baby boy via long labor and eventual emergency c-section 

Oct-Dec 2014  Major joint pain, "C", irritability, neuropathy, skin rashes, mouth sores, blood in stool but figured it was all postpartum normal stuff..


Jan 2015   Major morning "D" with urgency, joint pain continues. Celiac blood panel run, positive for IGG Gliadin antibodies and low Vitamin D


Feb, 2015  Went gluten free, morning "D" with urgency continues, joint pain gone! Feeling better!  :) 


Mar 3 2015   Endoscopy. Some inflammation found but it doesn't look like Celiac.


March 11 2015 : BLOOD IN MY STOOL (bright red.. fun fun)


March 12 2015 : Sigmoidoscopy (biopsy results: nothing found) Diagnosed with IBS. Ummm really?  :rolleyes: 


April 2015 : DNA Test ruled out Celiac. Still 100% gluten free due to the drastic improvement in overall health.


April 2015 through August(now) : Alternating C and D with urgency. Out of a 7 day week, I have 1 normal bm, 1 day with C, and 5 days with D with urgency. Even on a very basic diet of rice, veggies, fruit, and chicken. Going to see a naturopath and doing the SIBO test. 



  1. I found. a cure 6 long years later!!!

    It was all emotional!!!! Stress, repressed emotions, anxiety.




    LOOK UP DR. SARNO, TMS. READ A FEW BOOKS ON THE SUBJECT. good luck.. 6 years.. man...

  2. Nope, nothing gross visible anywhere in the back of my throat, as I suspected. It's coming from deep in my stomach or intestines. I'll bring it up to the dr before she does the scope so she can keep an eye out for perhaps an opening or something that is allowing me to smell my insides.
  3. Jiggles.. I am about to throw up.. I just watched this OMG SO UTTERLY DISGUSTING OK going to check now to see if I have white stuff in my tonsils (I highly doubt it)
  4. I'm afraid of complications and dr told me that the only real complications arise from the sedation. I have a new baby to take care of.. I cannot take ANY risks! It's just mama strength I guess? Also, my GI told me in China they don't sedate patients! And, she said she had it done to herself...
  5. I dunno.. the smell seems to be coming from my GI tract. Anyway, I will work on that.. maybe see an ENT! Endoscopy on Tuesday, wish me luck.. NOT getting sedation
  6. Hey jiggles, my point actually is that I DO NOT HAVE BAD BREATH It's just this smell from inside my GI or something when my mouth is CLOSED. Hard to explain..
  7. LauraTX Yes!! I brush 2x daily and floss 1x daily, it's definitely not hygene related. It's something internal.. seems to be uncommon! ravenwoodglass Yes! I had the celiac panel done hence the elevated IGG and Glidean antibodies! I'm hoping it's Candida but I'll update this thread when...
  8. I can't explain it more than that. I didn't realize that was the smell until today when I had to submit a stool sample and inadvertently smelled my feces and I was like "that's the exact same smell I detect when I exhale with my mouth closed though my nose". It's like coming from deep in my GI tract...