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  1. I was recently glutened and my doctor suspected SIBO, but my celiac blood test revealed elevated antibodies. What a relief!



    I'm not exactly sure why that's a relief as I also had elevated antibodies but still have symptoms months after being gluten free. I bet it's possible to have both gluten sensitivity/celiac and SIBO.. having one doesn't rule out the other. There are a lot of unlucky people out there.. haha



    And even if your home test is positive - your doctor won't take your word for it!  He will want to do his own test.


    True.. I didn't realize this was something I could have done through the GI doctor. I just panicked one day and did a good search, found this, it was only 125 bucks so I bought it. Doesn't hurt I guess to test a few times.



    I'm not sure why you are concerned about the glucose? It is a simple sugar, not related to the gluten protein.

    You're right.. I don't know why I didn't trust the glucose that came with the kit. I went ahead and ordered non GMO glucose off amazon and will use that for my test. I'll post back on this thread with my results! 

  2. Hey guys,


    I still have major symptoms and just went ahead and bought the SIBO breath test and realized I have to drink 50g of glucose they provided in a package. I'm worried that this might cause a sensitivity to my already inflamed GI. Has anyone ever done this test and did drinking the glucose cause any reaction? Anyone ever tested with Metsol aka "Gut-Check"? I have no idea if this company is credible or what but I found their YouTube videos to be convincing.. I'm just nervous to drink their powdered glucose. I didn't know that was part of the test.

  3. Bartfull, yes you are correct. Just because there was no damage found in the 6 samples, that doesn't rule out celiac. I am thankful it's not bad enough (if I have it) that it wasn't immediately detected. I WILL still continue to be gluten-free as you're right I either have it or I don't and at this point I don't know and may never know. 


    I don't think I was constipated as my diarrhea wasn't pure liquid. There was some form to it (some of the time anyway). But, interesting point. I'm going back to my 2 GI's and am going to ask them to explain this one to me??!?

  4. Guys, I hate leaving topics unfinished (because there future are googlers out there) so let me complete this topic.





    Now here's the weirdest of weird thing that happened: I was prepping for my sigmoidoscopy (which came back negative by the way) and had 2 fleet enemas the morning of. IMMEDIATELY after the enemas I felt better than I had in months. And, didn't have diarrhea ever again since than and that was a week ago.


    So, could the enema have flushed extra gluten that was stuck on my insides? I'll never know.. so freakin weird.


    I didn't change my diet either. I did start taking a probiotic (align) and supplementing my calcium/magnesium and vitamin D so that might have helped too.


    Oh, also, I quit my job.. my diarrhea was worse on the days I worked so stress definitely didn't help.


    So my solution was: 2 fleet enemas (in a row), magnesium/vit D/align Probiotic, and eliminate all sources of stress


    Also, I'm still gluten free as I'm borderline celiac.

  5. Results are in!!!! INCONCLUSIVE.


    What a waste of time. I told the dr that I was gluten-free for 2 weeks before the test and she said it shouldn't have impacted the results.. but now we'll never know. Maybe I healed? Maybe she didn't catch it? Maybe I don't have it but then what the heck do I have?


    Regardless, she told me to go on a gluten-free diet and we will proceed with further (useless) testing now.


    Sunshine Sassie, what were your results?

  6. bartfull sorry to hear about not having insurance?! Move to Canada (my home land) and you'll be covered! Gosh, I don't get this country sometimes.


    I had my endoscopy on Tuesday but the bloodwork indicates Celiac and many symptoms went away on gluten-free diet so.. yeah I'm Celiac :P


    win8in4dave, I'm going to get probiotics and Pepto Bismol today! Thought I could just do this naturally but now I'm going to try meds and supplements!


    cyclinglady, you have a good point! I'm going to have to cut out the green juice for a while as despite it just being juice it could be doing more harm than good. I just am not keeping much food down so I need to get my nutrients SOMEHOW ya know? Thanks for the cast iron tips but I'll just buy new ones as I'm getting super paranoid now and just want to start fresh. Also eating using paper dishes and plastic cutlery. I even stopped wearing makeup (gluten could be hidden in there right?)


    From my research it could be one of the following:

    - hidden gluten in my diet/cookware

    - ongoing residual inflammatory process 

    - IBS, IBD, Ulcerative Jejunitis, Lymphoma, Addison's disease etc..

    - Refractory Sprue (rare, see below for more details)

    - Lactose Intolerance

    - Pancreatic Insufficiency (requires pancreatic enzymes)

    - Bacterial Overgrowth (requires antibiotics, I just ordered a SIBO test online)

    - Microscopic Colitis (Pepto Bismol may help with this)


    More on Refractory Sprue ( will have to be hospitalized.  Last resort after looking at all else. It causes ongoing Diarrhea for 6 months +)



    I'm just lost. I will ask my dr to test me for all of the above I guess.. why can't the doctors do this without MY asking them! I feel like maybe a naturopath would be better.

  7. Thanks bartfull - I told my husband we had to get rid of the cast iron as we don't have the cleaning setting.. he wasn't happy but oh well he isn't happy with a sick wife either!!


    Before going gluten-free I actually had constipation and mild D with blood in stool and major joint pain. Now, it's just D but worse than before. 


    Seeing that the blood and joint pain went away with gluten-free diet, I'm assuming I'm doing something right.. but I'm just curious if anyone has had D for 1 month or longer.. just seems excessive! I was considering QUITTING MY JOB!! But my job pays for daycare and I cannot take care of a baby all day long considering how weak I am. I'm stuck in a weird situation right now that's for sure!

  8. Hey guys, how common is this? I have COMPLETE elimination every morning to the point where my stomach is almost concave and it's difficult to walk. I only have 1BM a day though.


    I bought the SCD lifestyle pdf and mostly eat chicken now despite being an ex-VEGAN. I'm desperate! I also have green juice daily and mix up my diet to see if any variations will eliminate the D. 


    However, I don't see any improvements! 


    The weirdest part is that I only go once and it's first thing in the morning with high urgency. It's the weirdest thing..


    I've only started to have symptoms for a few months but it's just not going away... super super persistent despite going gluten-free. 


    Could it be my cast iron grill? Could there be gluten on it? Or, could it be somewhat normal for symptoms to persist this long? I even forced myself to have ground beef last night (barf) as the SCD pdf suggested it.. didn't help one bit.



  9. Yes Sunshine Sassie! We have a LOT in common! Despite you being 10 years younger of course :) I wasn't brave enough to get the endo and colonosopy done at once but I DID get my endo done TODAY! I didn't get any sedation except for a 5mg valium pill 1 hr before the procedure. The put an IV in me in case but I didn't need it! It felt really strange.. not painful but still pretty unnatural. But, hey we're both still alive after the fact woo hoo! Pats on our backs for going ahead with it!!


    I was more worried about the endo vs the colonoscopy but I still am impressed that you did both at the same time! Lets compare results in a few weeks :)

  10. Everyone.. I just saw this article posted on Celiac.com. It's referring to endoscopy patients.. why is this referring to celiacs???




    Quote "Given the fact that celiac disease diagnosis and follow up care require the use of endoscopy, this news is particularly disturbing to those in the celiac community."

  11. IGG: 11 ( >6 means antibody detected)

    GLIDIAN 39 (>20 means antibody detected)



    I was going to skip the endo but my symptoms got WORSE on the gluten free diet. I've been on the gluten-free diet for a few weeks now. Also, I was researching the results and apparently Candida can cause false positives for IGG and GLIDIAN and I failed the Candida water spit test. So, I'm convinced I have Candida and not Celiac. That's when I realized I'll always wonder if I indeed have Celiac and should just do the test as I've only been off gluten a few weeks so now is the time my villi would be damaged. 


    I am gonna ask them what type of scope they use, it seems like it's not listed in the pamphlet nor the website. Thanks everyone for the heads up..  The place I'm going to is called Atherton Endoscopy in the San Francisco Bay area.

  12. I went to see my GI after canceling my endo and she admitted she sees this all the time. We rescheduled for Tuesday the 3rd of March. She said she's even seen people cancel TWICE before finally doing it. 


    She also noted that most people WITH celiac end up canceling their endo assuming they don't have it and most people WITHOUT celiac insist on having endos despite bloodwork being negative. So, my denial/nervousness is actually yet another symptom of celiac.


    Just a funny observation from my GI. I really hope I have the courage to go through with my endo on Tuesday and I don't cancel again  :unsure:

  13. I am a huge baby too!! Cancelled my endoscopy! I am a new mom though and I have horrible sleep deprivation. My body isn't ready for any procedures. But. Yes I'm terrified. Having a baby makes me fear death more than anything. I want to be there for him!! But getting the test is also for him too so I can see if his chances are higher. I don't know what to do. Google celiac nonstop 24-7 cry all the time. I guess if I was healthy I would just do it as all this worrying is worse..