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  1. if you knock off coffee for a while and your energy level is low you will be a walking zombie. i never trust flavored coffees i always grind my own in my own grinder. i drink kicking horse 454 its not acidic and so good i can drink it without creamer. i never use creamer. i recently switched iron...
  2. badcasper


    has anyone tried surgi cream hair remover. i havent found any information as to whether it is glutenfree.
  3. I get period cramps and sometimes spotting every time I eat beef and only beef, not fish, chicken, or pork. been gluten free and soy free since February. 50 and reached menopause but its like im still trying to have a period. ONLY WHEN I EAT RED MEAT
  4. soy can really inflame my joints with arthritis. I have been gluten free and soy free for 7months. I also stay away from peppers, tomatoes and potatoes which can do the same.
  5. That is funny. I did take the mirror out.
  6. please don't freak out on that poem I wrote it 10 years ago when I was going through a bad divorce. I also wrote another one about a month after being gluten free. I guess its my own kinda therapy and my imaginary friend may very well be a guardian angel. HE DOES MORE GOOD THAN HARM. WHATCHA...
  7. To knitty kitty OMG I just looked up nightshades and that's it spaghetti sauce! I thought night shades were just potatoes. I have arthritis too and read about a list of foods I shouldn't eat years ago [ tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers] I didn't know that tobacco was one too. I quit smoking...
  8. I've been making a cake every week that is delicious, gluten free, and soy free. I was so mad I threw it away. Then things got worse! did I spoil myself or was that really mean.
  9. I have been taking super B-complex and vitamin D but with glutening I don,t think my body was absorbing it. I went to the health food store and bought sublingual B-12 and gluten-zyme [ an enzyme that breaks down the gluten because our stomachs cant. it helps. Mabey I should take more vit D
  10. cyclinglady: Thankyou! Apparently my biggest problem is being alone. since my divorce 15 years ago i haven't trusted anyone or made any friends. I live alone and guess im very lonely. Work is awkward, im the only girl in the plant and the guys are into drinking and things I don't do. I tried the...
  11. I meant to say I've been off the pill for a month. I think it is a double whammy. Thankyou! I still have six months on my Rx if i decide to go back on the pill.
  12. just read your reply. after the first month of gluten free I hardly had any period so I quit taking the pill. I was taking the pill cause of nonstop periods after the third month and getting anemic I wernt on the pill. ok I've been off the pill and felt great till last Monday. swelled up, moody and...
  13. I wrote a reply but its not here so im trying again. I probably couldn't see the right button for all the tears in my eyes. It's been 5 days now and im still going back and forth from tears to extreme anger and cusing. My parents always said it was cause im stupid so that doesn't help. my imaginary...