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  1. You get one gene from each parent. You could get a celiac gene from your mother, but a non-celiac gene from your father. However, if you get a celiac gene from each parent, you are a double celiac. In my family, my mother and my nephew are both double celiac, and both get extremely sick immediately...
  2. Well, I had numerous blood tests for celiac yet I never got a positive reading. Same with my son. I eventually got a stool test from Enterolab which they claimed showed evidence of celiac reactions....I've never known how reliable Enterolab's test is as it has been disputed, BUT....I then did the...
  3. I think it varies from person to person. My mother was a double celiac and if she got even a smidgen of cross contamination in something, her reaction would be within the hour of eating it and she'd be horribly sick for a couple of days. For me, I can feel sick fairly quickly, but sometimes my...
  4. I've read a lot of things lately suggesting that the oat protein is problematic for celiacs more than some people are trying to make us believe. I love oatmeal and tried various gluten free versions, but I did have problems, and especially if I had oatmeal several days running. Not as bad as gluten...
  5. My mom!!!! She nearly died from celiac because it hit her in her mid 40's, back in the 1960's. She got to the point where she weighed 89 lbs (her normal weight would be 115 or so). Her intestines were smooth as a billiard ball, they said. Anyhow, luckily she met a doctor who had encountered...
  6. Oh yes, me too....always the middle of the night. This went on sporadically for years and years! Of course, when I stopped eating gluten, this stopped as well!
  7. I've had trouble for YEARS with this hacking, allergic type cough. When I was totally gluten free for a solid 9 months or so, the cough finally disappeared. Although I'm again totally and seriously gluten free (for the last 10 days only), my previous months of gluten cheating has left me with a...
  8. Omigosh, this is an interesting discussion! I'm of Swedish descent, am somewhat fair, but I've had this maddening redness (comes and goes) forever....not raised bumps or anything like I've read characterizes Rosacea, but just RED, like sunburn. My husband always worried it was related to high blood...
  9. Hmmm, let's see. My mom nearly died from celiac disease, which was diagnosed when she was about 43 and I was about 13. Doctors thought it was all in her head as her weight plummeted to 80-something lbs. Onset of symptoms probably triggered by a hysterectomy. Diagnosis took 7 or 8 years. By the...
  10. CMCM

    Bad Experience With Dr.s?

    I have questioned doctors over the years, but it was obvious they knew NOTHING....hardly even what test to order!!! A few years ago I had blood tests (not even the correct ones) and a couple of doctor visits and I found out NOTHING...but ended up paying more for this than the Enterolab test cost...
  11. Why do you suppose they would be gluten free in the U.S. but not Canada....why on earth would they change that aspect of the cereal and ADD an allergen such as gluten???? It makes no sense!!
  12. CMCM

    Bad Experience With Dr.s?

    GO NINI! I agree 100%!! It really puzzles me why so many people just think a doctor must know EVERYTHING, when it is obvious they do NOT. In their defense, how could they? But what I take issue with is a lack of desire to FIND OUT when they are faced with a puzzling patient with symptoms they...
  13. Every so often, maybe once a week or once every couple of weeks, I simply will NOT be able to get to sleep at all. I will be awake all night long. My body might feel tired, but I just can't seem to fall asleep. Sometimes I just lay there, sometimes I get up and do things, read, watch TV, do whatever...