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  1. It doesn’t go away unfortunately. My sister and I were celiac children and the hardest part for us was the FOMO (fear of missing out) and the being “different” from other kids. I would eat cookies that were passed around at school just because all the other kids were getting cookies. ...
  2. If it’s blood sugar maybe eat some fruit?
  3. That sucks. I’m really sorry. I’m obviously biased but I believe we celiacs deserve some coddling. So be gentle with yourself. It’s ok to feel sad about this. You’re experiencing the loss of not just certain foods but a certain worry-free and blissful lifestyle. That’s a big deal. Non celi...
  4. Yep! I was hospitalized for 3 days with pancreatitis when I was 16. Doctors never confirmed if it was cause by celiac or a glutening or anything.
  5. NO judgement here. I’ve been in your shoes and Its. SO. Hard. My advice would be to surround yourself with gluten free snacks at all times. Try to have some salty and some sweet to curb any craving. Fruit is great and often cheaper than gluten-free products. whenever you’re feeling tempted, pi...
  6. What the others have said! All restaurants are risky places for sneaky gluten to contaminate your food. If they still have apple slices you can eat those! I think the plain vanilla soft serve is also ok if you can eat dairy. Some celiacs eat the fries because they’re done in their own f...
  7. Hello! Im sorry to hear this happened to you. I agree that you should see your doctor to see if it might be something other than a glutening. That said, symptoms can get worse and weirder as we celiacs age. I’ve also been gluten free for about 13 years and I’m realizing that I was getting glu...
  8. When restaurants mess up your order and put croutons or bread on your food and then ask why you can't "just take the bun off?" If there was broken glass on your food, would you just take it off and still eat it? Or would you risk having little tiny shards tear up your insides? Because that's...