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  1. Celiac can have internal and external reactions. Not everyone is the same. Don't be ignorant about something that is so important to others health
  2. I been to the cheesecake factory, last year. They did a good job. I go out maybe 3 times a year. The Outback was supposed to be a treat, instead I got tricked.
  3. This server was obviously not trained. They decided to be creative and make their own version of the dessert, by adding in oreo cookie crumbles. I was told that the company trains the management and it is their responsibility to train the others. Staff is not supposed to be allowed to prepare food...
  4. Someone in the kitchen decided to make their own version and put oreo cookie crumbles in it.
  5. I have learned not to get too comfortable, a hard lesson to learn. I don't go out often because I live in a small place with few options, so the Outback was a really big treat for me. I don't think I'll be going back.
  6. Early December this year (2016), My sister in law and I were going to fly across the country to visit my daughter in Oregon. We planned this trip for almost a year and got first class tickets (our first time ever!). the night before we stayed in a hotel in Gastonia NC, nearer to the airport since...