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  1. You know, the thing I have been really wondering is if people can have celiac-like reactions to casein alone. I haven't ever come across any reading that suggests that could be a possibility though. Everything I have read regarding casein is that yes, it can make celiac symptoms worse, or if it...
  2. I have never stopped eating gluten, like, not ever.
  3. I see so many different DH rashes! Thanks for confirming it may fit the profile. I'm thinking a biopsy is in my future... hopefully I can catch a dermatologist when I have an outbreak.
  4. My rash is now clear, save for a few small scabs, so I have to wait for it to come back again and try to get in for a skin biopsy. My doc said we'd do the biopsy the next time the rash cropped up if the labs didn't show anything. Some people's DH looks very different than mine though (of course,...
  5. Hi folks! I was on one of the other boards, but since my primary indicator these days is a rash, I figured I'd head over here. I'm glad I did... I was under the impression that I could maybe ignore these issues since I'm in "remission" but I'm starting to think that's not a great idea. I have had...
  6. Thanks. Very much limboland! I have read quite a bit on DH... so much so that I don't really know what else this could be. There aren't that many blistery itch rashes that present on both elbows that look like DH, aside from DH. :-/ At this point, I think I'm just going to try and see if there's...
  7. Gliadin Ab IgA 1.0 U/mL I missed posting it... edited above.
  8. Hello! So I posted earlier this week about my long history of issues, and that I was awaiting results. Of course, by the time I got in to see the doc, the rash on my elbows was gone and I have no GI issues going on at all. At this point, I think I'm down to waiting for another rash to break out,...
  9. I get these too, although not as often as I used to before I went off dairy. I would sometimes get them in giant clusters that cracked and bled. Now, it's just one or two on my knuckles every know and then.
  10. :-D I'm hoping the labs will show something, but I'm thinking you're right and I'll just have to go gluten-free if there're no "evidence". My doc seemed willing to ask for a skin biopsy if it flares again, so that may do it if the labs don't. The tricky thing is most of my symptoms are gone since...
  11. Matt, No, I was eating gluten (and still am) when the tests were being done. I haven't cut it out because I know I'd never get a diagnosis if I did, and I don't want to if I don't have to. I love food. At this point, I just want to know the root cause, whatever it is. I don't want to give...
  12. Ok, so long story, but I'm hoping some knowledgeable folks can chime in and tell me if a) I'm not crazy for thinking this sounds a lot like celiac and not a lot like anything else and are the tests being run the right ones? I had malabsorbtion symptoms my whole life, rashes on the inside of...
  13. @mguggenheim Happy Birthday!

  14. @ARROWwriters THIS is what we need more of. How many million votes? https://t.co/lVPpEaeIV5