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  1. Are you still having any digestive issues, like gas and bloating (sorry)? Lactose or Fructose Intolerance can cause bad breath (ask me how I know) due to the gasses being absorbed into the bloodstream and then breath. Just a thought. Oops, sorry. I just saw your last post. So glad that it turned...
  2. I feel you on the PPIs not working, and then the difficulty of weaning off of them. Six weeks of Prilosec, a week of that double dose, and I got no results. Like you, it was only the gluten free diet and the low acid diet that gave any relief. It is so much better now at the three month (almost...
  3. Just a few ideas to offer, along with sympathy from someone who has struggled with acid reflux. First, you might try cutting the quinoa out of your diet. It gives me acid reflux, and when looked it up I found that this is not uncommon, even in non celiacs. When I was weaning off Prilosec, I was...
  4. I was diagnosed with celiac disease after a chain of events which started with GERD, food sticking half-way down and an upper endoscopy. When I asked the doctor if the GERD had anything to do with the celiac, she said, "it has everything to do with the celiac." Three weeks guten-free, and it is...