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  1. Question for you as I have had problems with both chicken and eggs. Free range chicken and eggs from small farms (luckily, there are several in the area I live in) seem to be ok. If I eat chicken or eggs dining out I don't feel very well almost like I ate something contaminated with gluten. Red meat is extremely irritating and I can not eat it. Grass fed only is less upsetting, but not tolerable. I wonder if the issue is in what the animal was fed. Are we not what we eat?
  2. Do you share a kitchen with a gluten consumer? About a month ago I got some very good advise from some of the other members concerning cross contamination in my kitchen. I really took their advice to heart and split my kitchen and food prep and storage areas with my husband who is not gluten free. My point is that maybe the weight gain is one part inflamation. When I experience cross contamination my belly swells up like a pregnant woman. Since I have been more vigilant on the cross contamination I have lost a few inches off my belly and one pound. LOL put me on World's Biggest Looser! I am like you in the way that I hit the gym hard, have hired a trainer, bought a fitbit to track my activity (which tells me I am very active). I also bike, walk and am training to run. One problem I have found is many vitamins and supplements contain gluten as a filler and will only take those labelled as gluten free. Last summer I made myself very sick taking supplements to enhance my workouts and build muscle so be wary of those. Know you are not alone! Keep on keeping on!
  3. Bartfull you are not kidding about the hills calling you back! That was our 4th visit to the Black Hills my husband loves it there.
  4. We are many miles away in Wisconsin if you ever venture out that way I can clue you in on some fantastic rides! The Route of the Hiawatha, Utah is next on my list, hopefully this year. i recently discovered the Rails to Trails website 1,500 miles of trails in Wisconsin alone and many many more across the country! Happy riding!
  5. Thanks for the tips! To Cycling Lady off the subject of celiac disease, have you ever been to South Dakota? We rode the George Mickleson trail last summer, my husband and I are bicycle bikers too and have been using our vacations to explore new trails across the country and that one is an unforgettable experience! My favorite form of exercise!
  6. Interesting about the lemons I thought they were safer than dressing good to know. I am thinking of seeing a gastroenterology specialist hope it is worth the $ and the trip.
  7. I would like to say thank you to all who share information it has been very helpful. I believe I am one of those who are sensitive to the undetectable ppm's as I have been eating (or so I think) a clean diet since October but still have occasional problems with inflammation. Inflammation to me means that my belly swells up like 2nd trimester pregnancy , minor skin issues and abdominal pain. I buy fruit and vegetables from a local co-op and all meat (now only chicken) is organic and not juiced or injected. I am fanatical in maintaining my kitchen and do not share condiments or spreads with my husband. Nuts seem to be a part of the problem, even those from a facility that handles only nuts. Also, most grains (quinoa is the worst) and gluten free baked goods seem to cause inflammation. I like red wine and am aware of the issue of the oak barrels and do not drink Merlot or Cabernet Sauvingon. I wonder if contamination from getting a kiss from a guy who has had a beer or eaten cereal can occur. Don't know just have lately had some unexplainable discomfort. Does anyone else have this problem? If so please share with me what types of foods cause symptoms. I am very wary of dining out as it seems every time I do there is a consequence unless I just do the salad bar no dressing, I ask for a lemon or lemon juice. Any tips and advice is welcome!
  8. I am experiencing similar issues with unexplained inflammation while following what I believe to be a gluten free diet. I am 2 days into a raw food only (which really means fruit, veggies and baked chicken breasts) diet. No nuts as there seems to be a cross contamination problem with all kinds that I have tried. Eating out is iffy but salad bars are a good option,  cross contamination from the kitchen is hard to avoid when dining out. Some resturaunts are better than others but I seem to be one of the very sensitive people. I also had menstrual issues that went away after being gluten free for a couple of months. I had been experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and irregular periods even though I was  43 when it began.  Thankfully, the hot flashes have stopped and although I am not 100% regular I feel so much better. I read a lot of posts and have learned a lot from other members.
  9. I found an ebook that has spared me much misery in the way that there are ingredients I never would have guessed would cause inflammation and pain due to its gluten content such as caramel coloring (found in colas). The book is Celiac Disease Safe/Unsafe Food List and Essential Information by Jaqui Karr C.S.N., C.V.D. I am new to this too but have learned that even minute amounts have a profound effect and I have to be extremely cautious. I have this book on my nook and take it with me to the grocery store. I feel the best when I only eat fruit, vegetables and chicken (chicken that has not been juiced or injected that is) and no grains of any kind. Beware of salad dressings many contain hidden gluten ingredients I like Drews or else just a spritz of olive oil or lemon juice and salt. Another thing I do is to keep spreads, dips and peanutbutter separate from my husband after seeing him make a sandwich and double dip (lol he insists he doesn't but he does) and it was a source of contamination. Good luck to you I know I have been helped a lot reading from this forum.
  10. I have the same issue with sharing a kitchen with my husband. I need to keep separate items such as peanutbutter and dips, anything a person can contaminate by double dipping. We just put our initials on the jars. I am one of those super sensitive people so I take no chances and keep utensils where they should not come in contact with crumbs.
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