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  1. You may well be correct that I am becoming more sensitive to spicy foods now that I am gluten free.  I have eaten other salsa and chips since going on the gluten-free diet without any problems.  That is why my first thought was that the chips were not as gluten free as they said


    I will continue to monitor my reaction to different products and still talk with the manufacturer just to be on the safe side. I have never had any other food reactions in my life and this is all new to me.

  2. I was so excited the other day when I found that  Albertson's store brand, Essentials, nacho cheese chips were labeled as Gluten Free.  I dearly love nacho chips with salsa.  They also had barbeque chips and sour cream/onions chips.  Well, I had some nacho chips and salsa and trust me, it was NOT gluten free.  Granted, I also had a new salsa labeled as gluten free but it is a brand that I have used before so I trust the salsa over the chips!


    I called Albertson's and they are sending my inquiry to the manufacturer.  They said someone should be in contact with me next week.  In the meantime, I would warn off anyone that might purchase these items.


    Has someone else ever tried these products and had a different result?

  3. After only a month being gluten free, I still keep finding things in the pantry that I ether have to get rid of or wash thoroughly before using again. 


    I came across my rolling pin and it hit me that I used it for pie dough.  I haven't made an pie for a couple of years now but still, it was used with wheat flour. 


    The rolling pin is of hard maple and is sanded/polished to a VERY smooth surface which makes it very easy to wash.  It was an expensive pin, so I am hoping it can be salvaged with a good washing in very hot water and white vinegar.


    Any thoughts about it and cross contamination possibilities?  I guess I could give it away to a friend but I searched for a long time for a rolling pin like this one and believe it or not I am rather fond of it.  I will bequeath it to someone if I must but am not certain I could replace it with another one like it


  4. I was just wondering if anyone had experience regarding baking with oat flour as compared to rice flour? 


    We have an a small company here in my town called Gluten Free Harvest which is a dedicated gluten free oat processing plant.  They started the plant because their daughter has Celiac disease and saw the need for a dedicated oat processing plant with non cross contaminated oats.


    I purchased a bag of it and found it has directions for creating a gluten effect, gluten free flour with a mixture of oat flour, tapioca flour, potato starch and xanthan gum.  I have not tired it yet but want to do some baking this week.


    I haven't been impressed with most rice flour baked items and was just wondering if oat flour would make that big of a difference.  Has anyone tried baking with oat flour before and now did it turn out? . 

  5. I do know that Canyon Bakehouse used to have corn in it and it doesn't anymore. That was good for me back when I couldn't tolerate corn, but it might be that whatever they are using now is what is making the texture "off". I still like it unheated, but heated it gets rubbery.


    I'm back to eating Udi's. They have that giant loaf at my local store and it makes the very best grilled cheese sandwiches.

    I thought they might have a giant loaf.  I was at my local restaurant ordering breakfast and figuring out what I can eat when the waitress said they had Udi's bread.  I ordered it and it was so much bigger than the loaf I had at home.  I guess I will have to put in a special request for the Udi's giant loaf at my local Albertson's and see if they can get it. Thanks for the info!

  6. I am finding that gluten free does not equate to low fat content.  I think this has been covered before on this forum but felt it was worth bringing up again. 


    I have had a bit higher cholesterol reading since going through menopause which is normal but my doctor wants to get it lower with diet and exercise.  This was all before I found out I am gluten sensitive. I watch fat contents as well as cholesterol levels on everything I buy at the store.  But the fat contents on most gluten free breads and cookies are outrageously high at times. 


    I ordered some bread from a bakery in Utah and they threw in a couple of free cookies to try.  The cookies were very good but the fat content was 15% with a 42% saturated fat level.  I had already eaten half the cookie before I read the back of the package.  That was all I ate of it for today! Their bread was also high in fat. 


    I have found that Udi's and Canyon Bakehouse have very low fat levels with no saturated fat.  Udi's has no cholesterol while Canyon Bakehouse has a low level of cholesterol.  


    Between my gluten intolerance, cholesterol and my husband's dairy intolerance I feel like I have become a professional label reader!!!

  7. Great to know that Schar's ciabatta rolls.  I purchased them two days ago at my local grocery store and cannot wait to give them a try.  I found with Udi's hamburger buns it is best to heat them in a 325 oven for about 5 minutes which crisps up the outside nicely.  I might try the same thing with the ciabatta rolls.


    Most stores provide request cards for ordering items so that may be an option for you.  I live in a small town and surprisingly we are getting more and more gluten free items in stock but occasionally I have to put in a card for items.  it still is expensive though.  I can purchase a number of gluten free from Amazon (I am a prime member so I don't pay for shipping) or from Walmart.  Unfortunately a lot of items have to be purchased in bulk.

  8. I have used the Barilla for awhile now and really like it.  It cooks up well and reheats well with a little water added before microwaving.  Walmart had a great price on the Barilla gluten free so I stocked up.  I do have a box of Ronzoni so now I am anxious to try it to see how it compares. 


    DeLallo also makes a gluten free imported Italian Orzo (used in rice pilaf and such) you can get off of Amazon but you have to buy in bulk.  You can also get it from Walmart which less money per package but you have to buy more packages in bulk for it.


  9. I had the same question about Lawry's Chili or Taco mix.  The Lawry's ingredients list showed wheat and that is when I found out McCormick made a gluten free version of both.  I found out from the representative that their other products are made in the same factory where wheat is processed into other products.  It may be okay to use the Marinade since that is a liquid but just be aware that you could use it one time and it will be fine and another time you might have a reaction. 


    By the way, the McCormick chili and taco mix is very, very good but much spicier than the Lawry's counterpart. 

  10. thanks for the heads up. 


    I just checked the package again and it states on the back that Crab Classics is produced in a dedicated gluten free facility and made in the USA.  It does have egg and soy in it though.   And I double checked the soy sauce and there is no wheat in it.  It is San-J Tamari gluten free soy sauce made of 100% soy and certified gluten free.


    So it is sushi tonight!!

  11. Since I am two weeks new to a gluten free diet I am still doing my research and learning the tricks of the available products.  Several websites, including this forum, say that imitation crab is a no-no.  However, I just found a gluten free imitation crab at Walmart.  It is transOcean Crab Classic and states "Gluten Free" on the package.  I checked the ingredients list and there is nothing about any wheat or wheat by product in it. 


    I've had some already and did not seem to have a problem with it.  I also checked my Nori and the brand I use is just a roasted sushi nori, no soy sauce added.  Of course I just stocked up on gluten free soy sauce as well, so I am set for sushi night.


    I was just wondering if anyone else has had this brand of crab meat with any different results?



  12. Thanks for all the great suggestions!   I must have had an old bottle of Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce because it did not say gluten free but the new bottle does.  I gave away the French's since it does not specifically say gluten free.  Stubb's was on sale this week so I picked up two bottles to try.  Sweet Baby Ray's is next on my "to try" list!


    Could not find Salt Lick or Maull's so it must be locally produced.  


    Other KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce flavors are also listed as gluten free.


    Thanks again for all who replied.  It really helped!

  13. I just found McCormick Gluten Free Chili mix at my local store last week.  It says it is a NEW item and gluten free specifically on the package and makes no mention of shared equipment.  They also make a new gluten free taco mix and brown gravy mix. 


    I tried it a few days ago and it was great!  It was even a bit spicier than my old chili mix.  Didn't have any problems from it al all.

  14. Two questions:


    I am on a search to find a gluten free barbecue sauce and keep running across an ingredient called mustard bran.  I know that mustard flour is on the safe list, but what is mustard bran? 


    BTW, I just discovered that KC Masterpiece Sweet Honey and Molasses Barbecue sauce is now listed as Gluten Free.  I will have to check their other flavors to see if it is the same.


    Secondly, I have a bottle of French's Worcestershire sauce and based on the ingredient list it looks gluten free although it does not say it.  Other than the possibility of cross contamination from the facility where it is made, is it otherwise considered gluten free?  It does not appear on the forum's safe list.


    Thanks! Any insights will be most appreciated...

  15. Since I am newly diagnosed with wheat sensitivity I have been shopping for gluten free products for the last two weeks or so.  Flour has been the big issue so I am so grateful for this thread! 


    I just found some Pillsbury gluten free flour containing rice flour, potato starch, pea fiber, tapioca starch and xanthan gum. I haven't tried it yet but need to start up my spring baking.  


    What differences can I expect from baking with gluten free flour and regular wheat flour? Also, has anyone else ever tried the Pillsbury gluten-free flour and what were the results?