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  1. Hi Michelle, Thanks for the reply! My dr will refer me to a urologist regarding my problems! After reading this thread, I've researched online, and found a lot of similarities with my symptoms. I'ts something worth investigating. I live in Canada, so it would be a no go to visit your doc, but thanks for the offer. It's very encouraging hearing how much you've improved. I will test the diet theory out and I'll let you know if I notice any improvement. I know caffeine is a huge trigger for me. I literally could pee every 2 minutes after one cup of tea. A funny story...just today I
  2. I'm so glad I foumd this thread! The information you ladies have posted have answered a lot of my questions. I'm scheduled for testing of my bladder and uterus on Feb.2. Your symptoms are the same as mine. My bladder issues have gone from bad to worse! I always had to pee frequently but lately it's every 10 minutes. I'm not kidding. My drs say it may be fibroids or endometriosis but after reading your experiences, it may be IC. On my birthday I had wine, and I had to pee so many times, my friends started to laugh...I couldn't help it, it was really bad!! I went probably 15 times in 4 hours. Th
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