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  1. I was diagnosed celiac in 2015. I didn’t really have major digestive symptoms though I realized after going gluten free how much better I felt without it. My main symptoms were the tiredness and anxiety. Now 4 years on I am having digestive symptoms that are commonly linked with celiac..abdominal cramps, alternating constipation and loose stool, weight loss (I’ve usually been very consistent but I lost 3-4 pounds in the last 2 weeks even when eating more). Has anyone else “relapsed” in symptoms?? I’m somewhat careful in my diet in that I never “cheat” and have gluten but if I were to go out to a restaurant (not often) and was told something is gluten free but not celiac safe due to cross contamination etc. I would still eat it.
  2. Hi guys! I've been struggling with my health for the past 5 years (I'm 24 now) so I'm just hoping I can get some advice from those in similar situations. Sorry if this explanation gets really long! Just trying to get this off my chest because I can't seem to find a doctor who's interested in anything but test results. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago. I never really noticed any of the typical digestive symptoms but I was always extremely tired and despite being a good student and interested in the topic I would fall asleep in class every day (regardless of how much I slept the night before!) The gluten free diet did help my energy but I have recently noticed my energy very low again to the point where I feel almost depressed some times. I don't have the energy to do anything after work (besides watch tv and end up falling asleep on the couch!) so I feel my social life is suffering - especially because I feel I don't have much of a personality anymore because of the fatigue. I kind of just feel like a zombie and my coworkers and I joke about it. My coworkers will laugh when they see me at the desk with my eyes half open staring into space as I struggle to stay awake! I joke about it with them but I know there is some underlying issue going on. When they did the celiac blood test 2 years ago they also found out I have Hashimoto's (antibodies over 1200). I was diagnosed with hypothyroid first when I was 16 but only took synthroid for 6 months-1 year before the doctor said I was back to normal and to stop taking it. Same story about a year ago. They recently changed the normal range for TSH here to 5.04 so right now I'm at a 4.22 which isn't out of range so they won't treat me for it even though I know I feel so many of the hypothyroid symptoms. I've talked to 2 different doctors about why I have Hashimoto's but they won't treat it. I asked them if I'm just supposed to wait for my body to keep attacking my thyroid until it goes out of range again and they said yes! I've suffered from iron deficiency for years and they always point to that as the cause of my health problems. I'm sure it definitely plays a role but I just know there's something else going on! Sorry for my ramblings I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or dealt with chronic fatigue even after diagnosis and had any solutions.
  3. Hi everyone, Apologies in advance if this is TMI! I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Celiac disease but I never really suffered with any significant digestive issues when eating gluten. Recently I have been having abdominal cramping for at least a few minutes every day in the area below my belly button. I've also noticed that I seem to have enlarged internal hemorrhoids that don't bleed and haven't prolapsed but seem to contribute to constipation? I'm not sure if any of this is related to Celiac but it seems like I'm now suffering from digestive issues that many people have pre-diagnosis. Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar!
  4. Hi guys, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in May but from when I started to notice differences in my health I think I really developed the condition in early 2012. One thing I have noticed during that time is that I suffer from acne (including cystic) and more severe rosacea than before. I am 23 now and never really suffered from acne in high school so it is very frustrating to have it now! Has anyone else found this to be an issue related to Celiac? I am hesitant to start any harsh treatment like Accutane if its really just from the Celiac as I'm still in the recovery phase. Has anyone found anything that worked for them? My main symptom of Celiac is vitamin/nutrient deficiency (diagnosed with iron, B12, and D3 but there could be more). I got 50 mg zinc tablets as I read that zinc deficiency is related to acne but I'm not sure that I am deficient since that was never diagnosed (but don't think its been checked). Should I give those a try? After buying them I read more information saying its bad to take them if you're not deficient and can lead to copper deficiency so now I'm hesitant haha!
  5. wow thanks for your responses..I had no idea how strict this diet is! This might be a challenge for me as none of my family have celiac (that they know of!) and they see it as kind of a fad (the odd bit of gluten won't kill you kind of thing) but I will try my best!
  6. I'm waiting for my endoscopy but my blood test was positive so my doctor says it is almost guaranteed I am celiac. I'm just wondering how strict I need to be with my diet once celiac is confirmed. I don't have any severe digestive symptoms (just extreme fatigue from conditions like iron deficiency and hypothyroid as a result of celiac) so I feel like some possible contamination (such as gluten-free pizza from a non gluten-free facility) wouldn't be a big deal. Reading these forums I see that people are very sensitive to a single crumb of gluten so are there different levels of severity to celiac?
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