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  1. I coughed a little blood in mucus today just once. I'm fine now and have not coughed since. I read autoimmune diseases could cause this. Has this happened to anyone else and should I be concerned? Is it normal to have this happen every once in a while?
  2. I usually just use advil for headaches. But I get headaches all the time so I don't know how good it is for me.
  3. What is better for celiacs? I know advil causes stomach issues but am not sure if it makes a difference.
  4. If barley and rye are in ingredients is it required that WHEAT ingredients in this product be listed? Or is that only for wheat? I've always just looked to see if wheat was at bottom. Or do I have to hunt for barley and rye?
  5. Does anybody know if there are any gluten-free dedicated restaurants in Charleston, SC?
  6. That's could make sense that getting unwanted gluten may be messing up my system and not absorbing the vitamins. And from what I looked up I think I have labryinthis (not sure if that is spelled right) but I think it may be getting better over time and hopefully it is a one time thing. Exercises...
  7. I get 1500 Io of vitamin d a day. That should be enough. Plus I eat stuff with vitamin d already so I don't know what the problem is. Maybe just the cold. I feel like the vertigo is getting better but not sure. Bppv maneuvers have not done anything.
  8. That is helpful thank you. I already take b12, calcium, and a multivitamin each day so maybe I need a D vitamin too? Is there anything I'm missing? Is this what celiacs normally take?
  9. I just saw the ear doctor though and he didn't say anything
  10. Has anyone else with celiac gotten vertigo. after colds? I've had it for a month now and I guess it has gotten a little better but it is still here and very annoying sometimes. I've had ear problems before but I dont think it is them since I just got them checked. Will it pass eventually? I dont...
  11. I've been totally gluten free for 3 years now. I sometimes still get diarrhea. Maybe once every month or two. I don't know if it is because of CC or what. And when i get it, it is usually either one time for one day (not throughout day) or every few hours for a day. I don't know if it is more normal...
  12. Thanks I'll look for the baby stuff. I've seen some stuff that warm shower will just dry and irritate more but maybe it was wrong.
  13. I just liked gum because I thought it helped with nerves.
  14. thank you. Does anyone have any recommendations to soothe burn in butt. I'm going to try vaseline
  15. I've been gluten free for a while and I've had little issues but I've been having diarrhea lately and the only thing I can think of is chewing gum. I read it can lead to diarrhea. Is this true? Has anyone else had trouble?