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  1. It is probably not an allergy as they happened in the winter as well. I don't think it's dehydration. It does seem like the faster I go on walks the worse the headache. This week I went at my own pace and for a shorter distance and no headache. It is not a dominos. Its just a local place. I guess I dont see how its worth it to go to any pizza place again there is so much rid for cc. And you are right about Wendy's no one speaks English. I have been eating there weekly does that mean I will never heal haha. I guess I will stop going out to eat and see if the headaches improve. How long does it normally take to improve when starting gluten-free?

  2. I have been gluten free for maybe three months now. I had had diarrhea and headaches and stomach pain before. Now I am just getting the headaches. I had gotten them a lot espicially after walks before becoming gluten free. After gluten free it seemed like I didnt get as much and could take walks. Now I have noticed more sometimes after walks. They are mostly minor and go away after a bit. Before celiac they wernt minor. So I am wondering if it is something I am eating. The only things I can think of is Wendy's and  a local pizza place which im not sure if it has cross contamination. Should I stop eating at these places and see if I improve? I can't think of anything else. Is there any safe pizza places? Cross contamination is easy at those places. Domino's has good information on their website and seems to be the only place that cares.