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  1. Darn! I know my total IgA level is 33 from a test a few years ago, but I'm still nervous it may come up with a false negative anyhow; and I think my doctor only ordered the Ttg. At least I know the IgG was included in the tests. He's testing for the genes too.Not sure if I want it to be positive or not bc my digestive issues aren't that bad, but I do have depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Taking the test because I'm hoping if it's positive those things will improve. 


    I've known about the IgA deficiency since I was three, since I'm one of those lucky few who actually had symptoms (pneumonia 6 times). My level was 5 back then. Took the test on Tuesday and going crazy waiting for the results to come back! (I know it was only two days ago, and it make take a while. I'm just and anxious Annie.)