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  1. I'm glad to see that you got answers. I hope that he's doing fine now.
  2. Tracey, just to reiterate what Nancy said, there can DEFINITELY be a delay in reaction. I was able to get gluten products for months without syptoms and, then, BAM was hit with the symptoms like never before. This is just an extreme example to show, but I have shorter lapses of time between being glutened and feeling the consequences. I will pray for you and Emma. God Bless.
  3. Hello! I hope you are well. I am almost certain that I posted a topic discussing Joint Pains and Rheumatoid Factor yesterday afternoon and I can't find it. Could you help?
  4. Hello, I'm sure many of you are getting used to seeing my name associated with joint/muscle pain, stiffness and soreness . Hopefully that will soon be a memory. QUESTION: Has anyone had joint pains and my other symptoms as well as a slightly abnormal Rheumatoid Factor and THEN became okay? As in symptoms are gone and never came back? PLEASE let me know. Here's my story: Apparently I have a gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease (this is suddenly in question, but that's another story) for over 4 years. I haven't been eating correctly out of ignorance and/or necessity. Fast forward, for the past almost two months I have had mild to severe joint/muscle pain, stiffness and soreness. I have been gluten and lectin free througout that time. Lately I have actually been experiencing normal hours, and almost full days without a high level of symptoms . In Dec I got back that my Rheumatoid Factor was less than 20 (normal). Now, having taken the test again in early January, I got back that it was 21.7, which is a weak positive. God Bless.
  5. I second what everyone has been saying: download or buy some relaxation, sleeping music; write down the issues that are ailing you and burn them or throw them away or simply vent on the page and then do something rejuvenating; pray or meditate (this is often intimidating, but it doesn't have to be long at all. you could do it for a few seconds. just deep, focused breathing at any time throughout the day); create a routine that would allow you to have a comfortable environment before you go to bed (ie. about the same time each night, comfortable pillows and sheets, do similar things each night- meditate, pray, read, listen to music, don't eat too much before you go). I hope that this helps. Let me know. Florence
  6. Hi! I'm no experiment, but I do believe that you should avoid dairy for while longer. There are so many ways that the bodies reaction to Celiac Disease and having been glutened can lead to possibly temporary non-gluten food intolerances. So, I would think that that is what's happening with you. As that is what seemed to happen to many and many other Celiacs. With that said, if you give yourself some time away from dairy, you might be able to come back to it full force. I hope this helps! Florence
  7. Hi Belinda! I'll be praying for your child's quick recovery. I think it will be a matter of weeks. And, look at the blessing, your child is still so young, so she won't miss gluten and grow up knowing already what not to eat. Have a nice day, Florence
  8. I encourage you to document what you're eating when the pains arise. Perhaps it is a complication with having been glutened previously or it's something that you're eating now. I definitely would experience abdominal pains while I was glutening and not glutening myself for the past four year. So, I can relate to the symptoms. I hope that these symptoms clear up soon. Hold your head up.
  9. hey! i'm definitely sorry to hear about your difficulty with the people you were with and Red Lobster's. It can be so difficult managing Celiac Disease and the world separately, let alone together! I encourage you to keep venting when necessary and feeling better as a result. Keep your head up, Flo
  10. Nancy, I encourage that diet change. I am hoping that my joint/muscle pains, stiffness and tenderness are related to my diet. So, I'm gluten-free (due to Celiac) and lectin-free to be safe. I basically eat only vegetables, fruits and meats/chicken/some fish. I can't say that I've seen drastic results. It is day to day and a bumpy road at that. Although, I think I am moving on an incline back to "normal". I hope these words find you well. Let me know of any ideas and progress. Florence Becky, I'm pretty sure that I've cut almost gluten out of my diet as I am only eating fruits, some vegetables and meat/chicken prepared in olive oil with garlic, goya seasoning and onions. Have any other ideas what might be causing these pains? Have you ever heard of someone's symptoms persisting 2+ months after being gluten-free? Flo
  11. Thanks EVERYONE for your responses so far. Yeah, Julie5914, I'm not sure if Tylenol is gluten-free, that might be part of the problem. As posted, I have heard that Advil is gluten-free. Good luck with everything everyone. Please continue to send me information as you get it as it relates to joint/muscle pain, stiffness and soreness. Florence
  12. Hello, I'm sorry I can't be of any assistance with these test results. I have a question though: With what type of doctor did you take these tests? On a basic level, can you explain to me what these tests means? Maybe I should take them. Much love and fortune, Florence
  13. Hello beautiful people: I need to know, how long have you been gluten-free? AND how long have your Celiac Disease related symptoms persisted AFTER having been gluten-free? PAST: I ask because I've had celiac disease for about 4 years. (What brought my attention to the disease at first was persistent, severe joint pains that went away shortly after I became sometwhat gluten-free.) I have NOT been eating properly during this time either intentionally or unintentionally. PRESENT: I have had severe to mild joint and muscle pains, stiffness and soreness for almost 1.5 months. (Rheumatoid Factor has come back normal. Internal inflammation slightly high with a Sed Rate 21.) I have been on a lectin and gluten-free diet for almost a month and a week. Symptoms fluctuate in severity. The past two weeks have been the best relatively speaking, although its day by day. HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED THESE SYMPTOMS AFTER BEING GLUTEN-FREE? FOR HOW LONG???? TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE PLEASE!!!! Thank you in advance. P.S. I am seeing a GI who think it's a complication with celiac disease and a Rheumy who thinks that could be a complcication that will correct itself and that is not Rheumatoid Arthritis. P.P.S. I get my second rheumatoid factor and ANA results on Friday. Pray for me. With love!
  14. Dear Jessica, I'm happy to hear that you've managed to get some answers. YES, be gluten-free/wheat-free as necessary. Take care of yourself. Love, Florence
  15. I'm glad, so glad, to hear about people's improvements. THANK GOD!
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