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  1. Hello,


    I am just recently diagnosed. But I don't know what to think.


    A bit about me: I did not have any traditional symptoms but was feeling anxious, depressed, etc and went to see a psychiatrist. She referred me to get blood tests just to cover all the bases. 


    my tTg came back as 27.9 with the average range of 0-12


    My family doctor called me in immediately and told me the news... But none of my close family is positive (my father and sister were tested), and I don't have any of the gastrointestinal symptoms.


    My doctor has referred me (after some pressure from me) to get a biopsy, but tells me it is going to take up to a year. She says I should adopt the diet to prevent further damage and the possibility of developing other allergies/auto-immune conditions. 


    None of my family or friends believe I have celiac because I don't have any of the traditional symptoms. NO ONE can tell me if my tTg is a little high, medium high, or high enough to be pretty damn certain. 


    Any advice you could offer would be great...