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  1. I have frequent twitches especially when I don't eat enough. I think it's anxiety/stress related. The scary disease that can cause it, ALS, causes twitching in single areas that progress to muscle weakness. If you are having twitches in random muscle groups all over, that's most likely stress.
  2. I had a high positive Ttg-IgA and a negative biopsy as well. My doctor gave me a genetic test which came back positive with a High Risk category. He then put me on a 4 month trial gluten-free diet and then reran blood work after that. My symptoms improved and my blood work went to normal. Based on...
  3. You may have to get a lot more strict. I was extremely sensitive and got extremely sick from cross contamination. A blessing and a curse. I was able to completely eliminate gluten from my diet and my antibodies were < 3 after 4 months. I avoided any processed product not certified gluten free...
  4. Thank you. I have worked hard to get here. I am extremely strict, I don't eat out and I avoid anything that is either not naturally gluten free or not certified gluten free. I don't take chances. I had a 2 year pity party where I gained a bunch of weight, over 60 lbs. Snacked on a bunch of cheese...
  5. I didn't deliberately not follow the diet, it took me over 20 years to find out what was wrong with me. By the time I figured it out I was very sick. I also have NAFLD and osteoporosis. I developed severe lactose intolerance and issues with all kinds of fruit sugars causing bloating and pain. I...
  6. I had symptoms from my early 20s on. I was tested in my late 20s due to symptoms consistent with Celiac and the test was negative. I was tested again at age 38 because I had gotten extremely ill, that time it was a very high positive. I had developed osteoporosis by that point though.
  7. That EMA test is extremely specific. It's over 99% accurate for Celiac. Given both your positives it's pretty much a definite.
  8. I had a negative biopsy, but was able to get a diagnosis of Celiac. I had positive blood work across the board with a ttg-IgA of 76.9, normal being < 15. When the biopsy came back negative I was sent for a genetic test. The genetic test came back positive with DQ2. 5 which labeled me "high risk...
  9. Thanks for the information. I can't handle magnesium citrate, it acts like a laxative. I used to have all kinds of muscle issues when I was first diagnosed. Now, 3 years gluten-free, I don't have those issues anymore. Fortunately, I don't have energy issues, unless I get glutened. That knocks me...
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I don't eat out at all or take risks with food. My sensitivity went nuclear after being gluten-free for about 6-8 weeks. As a result I can't eat out at all, I tried a couple times early on and it didn't work. As a result now after 3 years gluten-free I am symptom free. I...
  11. I am moderately overweight, though I exercise regularly. I have a hefty appetite and never seem to feel full. I take vitamin D supplements for low vitamin D. I am hoping that my dexa scan this year will show an improvement. I eat quite a bit of cheese (which is why I am overweight), but I crave...