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  1. Hello, I went to see a new GI doctor today. He looked over my results from the previous tests and did not seem alarmed by the two midly positive dgp igg results. He is going to run his own labs but said that he also does the genetic testing. His theory is if you dont have the genes, you don't have celiac. Thus no need for a biopsy. I don't think I've read anyone else's doctor doing this! Which makes me wonder if that's a good thing or not... I'll be getting the blood work done sat am, I guess I'm just hoping for something concrete.
  2. At her check up 2 weeks ago I asked my daughter's dr to do the lab for Celiac. I explained my results and that I am still waiting for my apt to get the endoscopy done but would like to get testing started for the kids just in case. Well I get the results back today (she is iron deficient, just like me) and they only tested for the TTG igA. That's it. Nothing else, not even the total serum. She is 15, so I understand that it is probably not as big a deal as if she was very little....but still...why??? I call the doctors office and spoke to the dr that was in today who basically told me that since she is overweight for her age, she doesn't have celiac. She also said a few other things that I felt were rude. Bottom line is she said they won't order anything else because they have no reason to and that if I want to pursue it to take her to the GI. She doesn't have any GI issues, if anything it will be the DH. I guess I am just wondering if or how to proceed. Should I just let it go for now until I see what's going on with myself? I am more concerned with my 7 y/o who has more of the symptoms than my older daughter but they won't talk to me about testing her until her check up in Feb, which does it matter if they are only going to do one test anyway? So frustrated with this whole thing. How can there be so much information out there and the doctors seem to know nothing? Thanks for listening. Megan
  3. I had an appointment with my hematologist last week and I was talking to him about the celiac panel and the brush off from the GI. He offered to run the panel again, but would not do the extra test (the EMA?). I just got the results back from that one, this has the same range as the first, above 20 is positive. My dgp igg was 33, dgp iga was 14. Ttg igg was 19, ttg iga was 15. So some of them went up a bit. There was 2 wks between the two tests. Any thoughts? He wouldn't say much about the results, just strongly recommended I get the endoscopy done. There is a celiac center at one of the hospitals here that I am trying to get in with. I don't feel I could trust the GI I already saw.
  4. Sorry, the gliadin was the dgp igg test.
  5. Thank you for responding. I asked the doctor today, she said it was the gliadin tests were the dhg. She also said that it was non specific and that they don't even usually test those but go by the ttg instead. Then I was told if I have more questions I should make an office appointment (the conversation was via the patient portal). I have been getting iron infusions for the past 10 weeks and so I don't have any sick time left. I think I may research another gastro doctor while I accrue more time, at least I will be able to ask some questions this time around. Thanks again
  6. Hello everyone, I have been stalking this page for almost 2 weeks now. I have been having all (or so it seems!) the symptoms of Celiac but never knew anything about it until my aunt emailed me an article and said it sounded like me. I have been seeing the doctor for some of the issues and realized that I had a lab order for a Celiac Panel but never had the test done. The doctor never mentioned Celiac to me and I was just waiting for a convenient time to get to the lab. So I went about a week ago and just got the results back today. The doctor said they are inconsistent with Celiac but I have been looking them up to see if they are consistent with anything else or if it is something I should stay on top of. These are the results she gave me: NAME VALUE REFERENCE RANGE Immunoglobulin A 379 81-463 MG/DL Gliadin IgG 26 <20 Units Gliadin IgA 9 <20 Units TTG IGA 11 <20 Units TTG IGG 15 <20 Units From what I looked up the only one elevated is the Gliadin IgG. However there are other sites I looked at and others tests results said anything higher than 10 for the last 4 are positive. So I'm not exactly sure where to go from here. The doctor would like to do a biopsy, she didn't say for Celiac though, but I can't do it right now because I do not have enough sick time at work. I guess I am trying to decide if this is something I should persue? I understand that there are different sensitivities and allergies and everyone would probably benefit from going gluten free but before I make that decision I would like to be able to determine if there is a medical reason for doing so or would I be jumping on the fad bandwagon. Thank you in advance for reading through all this, it got a lot longer than I expected! Megan