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  1. I went gluten free in may after my diagnosis, and in September still was still feeling awful-- feeling glutened most of the time. I gave up corn after connecting the dots to what i was eating/when symptoms started and i've now had more good feeling days than bad (though sometimes corn can hide well...
  2. After I was diagnosed, my kids pediatrician ran celiac panels on them. He explained to me that if they're negative NOW, that doesn't mean it will be in the future. I believe the common retest period is every two years.
  3. There's a place called "colors restaurant nyc" that is entirely gluten free. (And pretty tasty)
  4. There was a study done recently that showed a bunch of probiotics labeled "gluten free" aren't actually. (http://glutendude.com/celiac-rant/gluten-free-probiotics/) I drink Kombucha tea, which is both delicious and full of probiotics, with no issue. It is gluten free AND dairy free.
  5. I was gluten free for months and still having the same nagging gluten symptoms. That is until i finally put it together that I felt worse after corn containing products. Turns out, corn has its own form of gluten. Most people with a gluten issue can tolerate corn gluten just fine, but some cannot...
  6. I was diagnosed as having celiac disease in May via biopsy. I went strictly gluten free immediately after diagnosis. To make a long story short, i'm not feeling better. I was diagnosed a few weeks ago as having Iron Deficiency Anemia (which is causing me to lose a lot of hair), as well as a folic...