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Diagnosed celiac disease 2015 high gliaden & all gluten antibodies + response to gluten free diet.  Thalassemia beta.

  1. On the migranes...I have a friend who has complete alopecia (no hair), and since that was triggered when she was a teenager, she has had very bad migranes. Her doc recently recommended magnesium supplements, and that really helped. She still gets migranes, but not nearly as often or severe. For...
  2. I thought I might be one that had a problem with oats also, because I was eating gluten free oats. However, when I tried Purity Protocol oats, absolutely no problem. But it is good to remind people that some cannot tolerate oats regardless.
  3. I'm positive it was the Bob's Gluten Free Oats. I stopped them, then tried again, then stopped them, and tried again. Each time I tried them, I got seriously ill. I never ever eat out, my home is totally gluten free (except my boyfriend can drink beer in the house and he's very careful with how...
  4. That's one of the ones that made me really sick. It may have been in the legal limit to be labeled gluten-free, but wasn't safe for some Celiac's.
  5. You can buy on Amazon, but I like to deal directly with companies if they sell themselves.
  6. Finally got to my pc with saved bookmarks....here's the list I use for "purity protocol" oats: https://www.glutenfreewatchdog.org/news/oats-produced-under-a-gluten-free-purity-protocol-listing-of-suppliers-and-manufacturers/ However, please note that some Celiac's are unable to eat oats...
  7. I got sick on certified gluten-free oats. I have no problems with "PURITY PROTICOL" oats. Do an internet search for a list of brands. brands.We use gluten-free Harvest.
  8. I'm glad you are able to get it. I'm curious...I have thalassemia, one of the super high risks for a bad outcome with covid, and asthma...where are you located that you are able to get the shot ? In my state you have to be 65 or older, I'm 64 and even with these risks cannot get it.
  9. I understand. An ENT doc tried to prescribe me some PPI's for my complaints about dry cough and asthma, but I refused. I still remember the look on his face when I said "but you NEEEEED ACID TO ABSORB VITAMINS..." and he nodded his head, he knew I was right. I took over the counter antacids for...
  10. Well another thing that lingered for me was acid reflux/gerd with dry cough and wheezing. What I Iearned from Dr. Jonathan Wright is that acid reflux is 99% from too little acid, NOT too much. The food does not digest, and so rots and ferments and that causes the problems. What helped me a lot...
  11. It took me awhile, but not until I addressed the vitamin deficiencies created with Celiacs. I just posted this for someone else: I had big D deficiencies (take D3 and K2, the K helps absorb the D), B vitamin deficiencies, especially B12 and B1 (thiamin). KnittyKitty has posted a...
  12. I had a big return of my energy when I addressed the vitamin deficiencies created with Celiacs. It takes a long time to heal and start absorbing vitamins again, but supplementation really helped me. I had big D deficiencies (take D3 and K2, the K helps absorb the D), B vitamin deficiencies...
  13. Andalou and Red Apple Lipstick (they have cosmetics, not just lip stick). Sign up for newsletters and they send codes for discounts.
  14. Absolutely gluten free... as the doc that diagnosed me said... ear, nose, and mouth all lead to the stomach. Ever wash your hair and not get water in your ears or eyes, or even mouth? Wash your face and not get some in there? Scratch your arm and then maybe pull a hair out of your mouth or rub...