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I'm known for taking what i think i deserve. Cuban 10/11/13 Gabriel ♡

  1. Thanks so much for your response! I actually remember you last time I was on this site! Also because you have diabetes... could this also be reactive hypoglycemia? Can gluten intolerance cause reactive hypoglycemia? I'm starting to think maybe this is also a problem bc I'm feeling terrible...
  2. Hi you guys. I came to this website almost 2 years ago. I had so many crazy symptoms and wondered if I had a gluten sensitivity since my Celiac blood test came back negative. Well, slowly most of my symptoms resolved. Then they found I had Epsteins Barr virus which had been reactivated. And...
  3. My circumstances are not ideal but I try to keep a "things can always be much worse" mentality. (:

  4. RT @piersmorgan: Hey @KimKardashian - I agree on one thing: we're allowed to be sexy. https://t.co/JO5uR4mZq3

  5. Just ordered water kefir grains again. They help so much. Can't wait to get them. I feel like I have period cramps all over my tummy rn.

  6. I'll let you set the pace, 'Cause I'm not thinking straight. My head's spinning around, I can't see clear no more.

  7. RT @TheGRAMMYs: It's true! @taylorswift13 will return to the GRAMMY stage for a performance at the 58th #GRAMMYs Feb. 15 on @CBS! https://t…

  8. RT @LisaWeser: Hi Internet. For the record, Budweiser did not pay Peyton Manning to mention Budweiser tonight. We were surprised and deligh…

  9. Watching The Challenge and omg I freaking love @CaraMariaMTV. ♡

  10. Something keeps me holding on to nothing.

  11. RT @reIatabIe: I bet their ice cream machine still broke https://t.co/eO4kNqhuza

  12. Such a child. Ugh

  13. We can dance all night, baby just you and me. ♡

  14. Thinking of workin 7AM-2PM starting on Monday. My pay period ends on Friday so I'm also going to have to work a little bit this weekend.