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  1. That makes sense. And I just realized that there was cross contamination in the cream cheese that I used because my future father in law used a knife that was touching his bagel to spread cream cheese on it. That's probably what did it, plus the jalapenos bothering my stomach. Thanks everyone...
  2. I've read where vinegar can sometimes be malt vinegar and natural flavors can sometimes have wheat, but I'm not sure. No, it's definitely not anything else I ate. But thanks. Yes the plain tuna I tolerate just fine.
  3. My suggestion would be to call the company and ask. Because, Swanson Lutein did not have gluten free listed anywhere and no glutenous ingredients listed, but after I called, they said they are NOT gluten free because of severe cross contamination. So, my suggestion is to call. I take Nature Made...
  4. Hi, I am new to these boards. I'm a newly self-diagnosed Celiac, and can't get tested because the gluten challenge hurts too much. For lunch today I ate a Starkist Gourmet Creations Mexican Tuna Pouch and I am feeling like I've had gluten. I feel so foggy headed I can barely hold a conversation...