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  1. Hi Plonkers, I appreciate the response. I had forgotten about this post! I still get that pain and cramping occasionally, I think my insides go into a state of spasm if I get dehydrated. Your grain theory is interesting, I think there may be something there too. I've just completed new allergy...
  2. Thank you all for your responses. Thanks Marty for the magnet suggestion, can't hurt to try. Rrmac, Kamke, I will say that I also have mild to moderate daily upper left quadrant pain. It can wake me up at night also. GI doc believes that pain, specifically left abdominal area in front and between...
  3. So sorry to hear that you have these problems. I'm not sure they found the root of my problem, it's been 2 years and my antibody counts are still not quite in the normal range, but 3 months post diagnoses my numbers more than doubled from my gluten eating days and I was eating a lot of gluten-free...
  4. I feel for what you've been through, and live with, especially as a teenager. If I may ask, who has determined your celiacs is unresponsive? I was given that same label, and while I do have intestinal damage that will not fully heal, I am not unresponsive. In my case, oats were the problem. No oats...
  5. I am hoping someone could possibly offer up ideas on several episodes I've had. First off, I am one of those Celiacs that is extremely sensitive. I've been told by my GI doc, 20ppm doesn't apply to you. Also, I have had chronic upper back and upper left quadrant pain intermittently for the last several...
  6. I've bee cc by kissing the husband. FYI to cap6 omission beer is a ? It is barley beer treated with an enzyme that removes the gluten. A lot of online debate about it. And since we all differ in how sensitive we are, to me it's a ? Also, I put dishwashing sponges in dishwasher, drying cycle kills...
  7. Hello. I myself have had a similar issue. My GI doc and I believe my problem was oats. And yes, all of the oats I ate were certified gluten-free. Upon diagnosis, age 40, (Iga was 58) I began eating a lot of gluten-free oat products. Three months post diagnosis, my Iga number doubled (Iga 121). No...