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  1. I have inflammation but no damage, my doctor said it's not celiac. She wants to do a capsule endoscopy to see what's going on. They did another CBC, my iron and ferritin are still low (at the levels they have been this entire time) and my Hemoglobin is 12, which is the lowest edge of normal. ...
  2. Wow, so glad you got results so quickly! Still waiting here, lol. Are you feeling better gluten free?
  3. Imagine my dread and excitement as I received a letter from gastroenterologist in the mail today! The results of the biopsies of the nodules in my cecum were listed as no sign of cancer. The celiac biopsies weren't included in the letter. Hopefully I will receive them tomorrow. I will call...
  4. I thought it was bad waiting for EGD and biopsy. It's worse waiting for results. I had the procedures done Friday, according to the patient portal, my results arrived Tuesday. I have an appointment next Thursday for results follow up. Normally, they post the results on the patient...
  5. My GI doctor has a patient portal where you can view results, send messages, etc. On my care plan it said something about awaiting pathology results from small intestine and cecum. They took that goal down yesterday. It means my results are there, but they didn't post them in the results section...
  6. Some people with celiac test negative on blood test. I have read of people feeling worse when they stop gluten because of detoxing. I hope you can get some answers soon.
  7. They put some sort of thing in my mouth to hold it open for the scope, it made me drool because I couldn't close my mouth to swallow. I had the propofol as well. I do remember trying to move the pillow (I was on my left side) because there was drool on it, lol. The things we worry about while...
  8. I had my endoscopy on Friday, with a colonoscopy added in for a little more excitement! It took a little over a half hour for both procedures. I'm not sure how many biopsies she did on the endoscopy, when I asked I was told several. Think of it this way, whatever is going on has and...
  9. There was some nodularity in my cecum, I think she wants the capsule endoscopy to make sure my small intestine doesn't have any nodules, since it's right there near the cecum.
  10. I'm not a doctor so I can't diagnose you, but I wanted to let you know that I hope you get some answers soon. I hope they also checked your liver enzymes. You have the exact symptoms I had when I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis.
  11. I read the report of the colonoscopy. It says "localized nodularity was noted in the cecum. Multiple cold forceps biopsies were performed for histology." I'm trying to remain calm, but of course my brain goes to colon cancer. She said there were no polyps, which gives me a little hope that I'm...
  12. Usually when I itch, it doesn't go away. I usually get the itch and bumps on my abdomen and shins, sometimes fingers and toes. The best way I can describe it is if fire ants were biting me and someone wrapped saran wrap around it. It's a burning itch and scratching makes them sting, especially...
  13. I have an itchy rash too. I also tested negative on celiac testing, but positive on genetic. I've read it's somewhat common for people with DH to test negative to celiac testing. I just got biopsies and will hopefully know something next week.
  14. I had EGD with biopsies and colonoscopy today. I should have results of the biopsies by Thursday, I have follow up appointment with my doctor on January 21. I truly believe I took a hit as a forming embryo and survived. About 20 years ago I learned that I was born without a gallbladder. ...
  15. I'm finally getting my biopsies on Friday. I talked to the GI doctor's office today. They are going to look at my esophagus, do the celiac biopsies, take a stomach biopsy to look for H. Pylori, and do a colonoscopy after that. I'm glad to finally be at the point of getting this done. My procedure...