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  1. Glutino seeded is my fav if you can find it. Otherwise udi's. They are the closest you can find to real bread in my opinion.
  2. First let me say I'm so sorry to hear about how your daughter is doing. If sue isn't getting an endoscopy you have to keep her on gluten diet or the scope will not validate. If sir is confirmed she will get better once completely off gluten. Online research will tell you what and where to look for...
  3. Was just going to support the comment re diabetes. Go get that checked out asap just in case you have an issue there. If you do then just like celiac you can manage it. Hang in there, you'll get better!
  4. The only way to truly know if you are celiac is to ask your doctor for a blood panel and if it's positive then a biopsy. I suggest you ask for the blood panel to help you determine celiac or not.
  5. You're most welcome, any questions just ask and this group of good people will help. Your son will be ok, life throws curveballs, this one is hard at first but it is manageable and you'll adjust. He will be ok in no time!
  6. Also make sure you check everything he consumes for gluten. Be more strict than you think you need to be...toothpaste, spices, medications, everything that is processed...check ingredients diligently and look up products on websites to ensure he isn't exposed to any gluten sources anywhere. Takes...
  7. So sorry to hear this it must be so hard and upsetting to worry for your son. I was diagnosed 1.5 years ago and i can tell you that as hard as it may be, try not to worry. It takes a while to overcome the gluten "withdrawal" and the symptoms do not just go away that quick. It will take at least...
  8. Take all of the above advice, new utensils and learning what you need to change and how. My first month of just figuring out what the he'll I could eat and not eat was stressful let alone everything else. After a month your body should start to feel better, stools better, and your mind less stressed...
  9. Yes keep testing and only see a doctor you are comfortable with. You may not have celiac, many assume they do but you need to keep testing in order to find out for sure. You may be intolerant vs celiac or something else altogether. Dietician a great idea mentioned above. Hang in there and you'll...
  10. It ain't easy that's for sure! They way I look at is that non one truly gets it unless they have celiac and have spent the required time researching to understand it. We can't expect others to get it, kinda like a cancer survivor can't expect someone who's never had cancer to get it. The good thing...
  11. So sorry to hear about this. How tough for a little one to have to go through this as well as you. The good thing is that you are doing the right thing having by a biopsy done, but you also need the celiac blood panel done as both together are required for diagnosis. It could be several different...
  12. It's always best to remind ourselves that nobody ever knows anything about celiac or gi until they actually get it, so we can't blame others for not being experts on it. I don't eat out much due to having celiac but when I do I simply tell them that while I would love to have regular food or a beer...
  13. Agree with the above. TELL your doctor the blood panel you want done since you are the one paying for it. If it comes back positive then get a biopsy to see if it actually celiac or intolerance. If your doctor doesn't want to do it then tell him you're getting another doctor and go see one.
  14. Your worrying is just making things worse and stress alone can cause upset stomach. get some bland food in you to start, your body needs food. If you have no other food issues eat some rice, chicken, vegetables, yogurt, peanut butter on gluten-free toast etc... You're stomach will settle soon try...
  15. Yes you can feel depressed when glutened. Glad you figured out that cc was the issue. Keep your chin up you are in the right track to feeling better all the time!