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  1. I live in Ohio, our Aldi has gluten free bread and once a year (happening this month actually) the special buys are all...
  2. RebekahLynn

    Non GMO

    Wheat is not GMO. It was hybridized through growing practices several decades ago to be disease resistant, shorter and...
  3. RebekahLynn

    Cravings :(

    I'm sorry you're going through this without support. It can be very overwhelming in the beginning when all there is seems...
  4. This is my 11 yo daughter's reaction to eating gluten. I can't confirm she has celiac because she gets so crazy trying...
  5. Tumeric (curcumin) can be hard on the stomach. I would wonder if it was that.
  6. RebekahLynn

    Depression after an episode

    Yes, you're not alone. I've see. Studies indicating that gluten impacts blood flow to the brain for the majority of those...
  7. RebekahLynn

    Getting glutened from neighbor's cooking

    Does it smell like gluten foods or baked bread? Does it smell pleasant?
  8. RebekahLynn

    Reaction time to gluten free bread

    If he's not eating gluten, the tests can come back negative even if he has celiac. You have to be eating gluten daily...
  9. RebekahLynn

    Question on Celiac's gene

    You might have an unknown family history of celiac and simply be the first to find out. I had a friend exhibiting signs...
  10. Hi :-) a little confused by your subject "until six years old" Were you told you had grown out of it? If so, you were...
  11. We recently tried to with my daughter. It is my understanding that you really are supposed to eat for 12 weeks before...
  12. Your digestion is healing. You may not be able to stomach caffeine, chocolate and sugar. Treat glistening recovery as...