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  1. I was glutened by extreme carelessness at a restaurant last night and my knee is bothering me. My knee is my inflammation barometer. So your hands hurting makes sense to me.
  2. I live in Ohio, our Aldi has gluten free bread and once a year (happening this month actually) the special buys are all gluten free options from their brand Livegfree. gluten-free finds from their special buys section this month: Supreme Sampler Cheesecake, full size $8.99 5 pack of cinnamon raisin or plain bagels, $2.29 USD Cinnamon raisin bread, I didn’t buy but I assume it’s the same price as their typical gluten-free bread and wraps $2.99 USD General Tso’s tempura battered chicken $4.99 Veg, beef or chicken empanadas. 6/$4.99 USD Chicken Florentine or B
  3. Wheat is not GMO. It was hybridized through growing practices several decades ago to be disease resistant, shorter and grow more to an acre. The ensuing wheat is significantly higher in gluten content as a (possibly unintended) result. There are still non-hybrid wheat varieties that are common in that part of the world. They are lower in gluten, but still contain gluten. The fact that she normally reacts and didn’t this time is not a reliable indicator of an immune response or whether damage was caused. Perhaps her stronger, obvious reactions are related to pesticides, but it doesn
  4. I'm sorry you're going through this without support. It can be very overwhelming in the beginning when all there is seems to be suffering and going without. Can you call and request a nutritionist and counseling referral? Gluten messes with my head and my "relationship" to food. So getting gluten out of your system you may actually find you lose the cravings with time and your taste for things may expand. Gluten can make you crave more gluten, personally my cravings almost entirely go away once I am gluten free for a while. In fact I've known I had gluten before because of an intense crav
  5. This is my 11 yo daughter's reaction to eating gluten. I can't confirm she has celiac because she gets so crazy trying to feed it to her long enough to get the testing done and is physiciallt miserable. Other reactions are inconsistent (stomach upset, rash). But she always flips out. It's like she's a different person. The only thing we can think to do is continually discuss it when she's not glutened and overall strengthen her coping skills so she can pull from that when fed gluten.
  6. Tumeric (curcumin) can be hard on the stomach. I would wonder if it was that.
  7. Yes, you're not alone. I've see. Studies indicating that gluten impacts blood flow to the brain for the majority of those with celiac. There are also studies about depression being related to brain inflammation. Personally gluten causes severe depression for me and really strongly impacts my daughter's mood and behavior. I can tell she's been glutened by the way she reacts behaviorally.
  8. Does it smell like gluten foods or baked bread? Does it smell pleasant?
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