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  1. This research supports the obvious fact that doctors are just covering up symptoms when they prescribe anti-inflammatories. They are causing the patient to get sicker and sicker as they do not know that they have a problem which needs resolving.
  2. Further study is fine, but this article is advocating vaccines. It could have been called "rotavirus infections accelerates the development of type 1 diabetes", or simply, "Rotavirus Infections - Some Pros and Cons".
  3. Did you read the article? It talks about causing hospital visits, and even accelerating the very disease that it is supposed to be fighting. It does not even offer proof that the slight decrease in infection is even related to the vaccine. The study does state that the chance that your child would not have gotten diabetes is higher than the chance that he would have a worse case of it, and it even implies the opposite. Even though you are severely biased in this matter, it does not change the obvious conclusion that even you should reach. The vaccine should not be administered.
  4. Only an idiot, or a government paid off by drug companies, would advocate vaccinating 100,000 children with an expectation of saving 1 of them from getting diabetes.
  5. This is all part of the conspiracy to poison people by secretly putting things in literally everything that we consume. No matter what you buy and where you buy it, you have no way of knowing what is in it. You can buy an apple, and it could be sprayed with who knows what. You literally have to own your own farm and grow everything yourself to truly be safe. This is why our society is so overcome with disease. The government is fully culpable in this. They are the only ones who can at least try to prevent hidden ingredients, yet they do nothing about it.
  6. An allergy is not necessarily more serious than an intolerance. Celiac causes your body to attack itself, just like with an allergy, yet it is not an allergy. Intolerance can cause any symptom that an allergy can, with the exception of anaphylaxis. Except in the tiny minority of cases where there is anaphylaxis, an allergy cannot be diagnosed by symptoms. Severe intolerant reactions can be much more severe than mild allergic reactions. The effects can last for months, and contributes to other illnesses, as many of the articles on this site imply. If someone has an extreme allergic reaction (the only kind that requires an EpiPen), and then uses an EpiPen, it is not likely to cause further health issues because the issue was treated immediately. If someone has an intolerant reaction causing severe diarrhea, it is going to affect their general health, especially because there is no magic EpiPen to prevent further damage. Celiac can also prevent your body from absorbing what it needs from the food. For this reason, I would expect that most health practitioners would agree that food intolerance is a partial indirect cause of many more deaths than is allergy.
  7. Wrong. They say that the gluten was removed from distillation. A PhD chemist has posted on the web how this is not possible. It is also common sense. You cannot remove 100% of anything ever. That is why anything made with gluten contains gluten, no matter what. Some people who are less sensitive may not have a problem as most of the gluten can be removed. They may "clearly state" it, but it is not true. It may even be classified as "gluten free" as that term allows for a certain number of parts per million of gluten. But, some people have been confirmed to have had severe reactions to the gluten in distilled spirits.
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