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  1. Been gluten-free for 17 mos. Apples I always peel the skins, then eat the flesh, lots of times I have apple sauce and actually my body reacts quite well with the sauce. You need to see what works and what doesn't. Right now your body is changing and it's getting use to the different flours that your...
  2. hi, I have celiac and I am way out of shape. Could someone please help as to how to begin riding a bike and how far should I go when beginning?
  3. I was wondering why I was breaking out. Specially my neck and my side of face. I'm going to try Purex and see what happens
  4. Janis, I hope you do get the biopsy, because if anything it will help with what is going on from the inside. Like, any kind of sores or etc. I'm anemic and the dr. wanted me to do a upper GI, but I've always been anemic and I have to learn to take my iron. But still I feel as though I ...
  5. Shuchi Modi, There is another symptom called infractory celiac disease, and that is where the symptoms reoccur and don't get better. I've noticed too that certain ingredients effect me too. So, with this said I will get in touch with my doctor to see what is going on?
  6. Sorry folks my last comment said that I could eat a sandwich, what I meant was I could not eat my sandwich because it bumped into gluten bread. What my doctors told me I have had celiac disease for a long time, It explains a lot, I wish I had known sooner.
  7. I have celiac disease. And just smelling regular flour with enriched wheat flour will make me sick. If dust from the flour is in the air it will make me sick. Yes! this very serious and will cause other problems if we don't make sure that everything in our home is gluten free. My family is having...
  8. I'm new to this Celiac disease and need all the education I can get. I hope there would be more restaurants that will start serving gluten free. I only ate at Ruby Tuesdays just once and that was a few yrs.ago. I think it will be worth going back now that they serve gluten free food.