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  1. I wonder whether the Serotonin & Celia disease might cause Candida. I read lot about the symptoms of both and they sound very similar. I have also hear about other people that have candida. Read a lot on the site http://www.yeastinfection.org/. They are highly recommended for prevention.. Any...
  2. I have tried Vietnamese Rice- Noodle Salad but left the sugar. Simple and tasty
  3. I would recommend not to experiment with something new. I have also used these products and they matched my pigmentation and skin.Maybe you should check on the products reviews. There are lots of people that shared their experience.
  4. The taste isn't that bad. I mean it is soft and without any additional additives. I must admit that it is a bit expensive.
  5. Hello. Well first i would like to say it that you should not be worried about the weight loss. Actually because it didn't work the way you like. So, first try to concentrate on your own health. Sometimes gluten free diets do not burn calories that easy because the same gluten free food itself contains...
  6. Hey Ankur. Interesting theme. Though this morning i woke up pretty early did my exercises and because i have day off decided to cook some delicious breakfast. Here is a pic of it ( still fresh) It a rye flour pancake with soy seed, one tomato and fresh chicken meet so tastyyy!
  7. I read the topic and it caught my eye so i would like to add that I had also been working in MC Donalds and I am not sure about the meet i have never actually tasted it but for the bread i am sure that it is not gluten free and also about the salt cookies from MCCaffe