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  1. I have tried to research what this all means, but none of it is making sense to me. Too many numbers. . I understand that the DQ2 is positive and DQ8 is negative, but I'm confused about the others. Here are my results: HLA DQ2: positive HLA DQ8: negative HLA variants detected: HLA...
  2. I just got back from my first appointment with the GI, and of course, feel more confused Anyone have input on the following? 1) I had blood work done through my primary care doc, and had positive EMA and positive GDP, but negative TTG (which I understand is weird, and my doc today couldn't...
  3. thank you! I'm bringing my 13 year old in to the doc tomorrow for her hives and to push for testing. If I have issues getting what I need, I'll go to a GI.
  4. My blood work came back pointing to Celiac (some of you helped me understand the labs, thank you!), and am now looking at getting my 2 children tested (age 18 months and 13 years). My 13 year old has had what I think are hives on her back for several months, and has had what was diagnosed as Keratosis...
  5. thanks for all of your help! I'm thinking I should just cancel the Gastro appointment. I can't figure out what the point of testing me for the gene would be, if my blood work is showing positives for the other things. And I can't get in till mid November with him, so it'd prob be even later than...
  6. my daughter has hives on her back and has had them for several months. I'm thinking this is the answer.
  7. Okay, thanks. That's what I'm thinking as well. I will get my kids tested. I'm adopted, so they're the only blood I know! I didn't know about the every 2 years thing, so thank you for that advice!!
  8. that's what I was thinking!! In the offices defense, I was just talking to the front desk. Not the actual Doctor. But still.
  9. I decided to make an appointment with a Gastro, and after getting off the phone with them, I'm more frustrated. She asked what tests were run with my doctor and I told her which were positive, and she basically said that they would run an HLA blood test to see if I have the disease markers for Celiac...
  10. I was reading that too about toddlers! So strange that it's turning out the same for us. Thanks for your help.
  11. I was wondering about the tTg IgA being negative. I thought that was weird. Would there be a reason it was negative? Like certain medications, etc.? I'm on Armour thyroid for hypothyroid, but my understanding (diagnosed 13 years ago) is that it's NOT Hashimoto's. But now that I'm dealing with the...
  12. Not a reason that I know of. I was kind of expecting that to be the next step, but he said that since I've had luck eliminating gluten from my diet before, and with the positive blood tests that it didn't seem necessary. So, I'm confused about if it is or isn't necessary.
  13. Thanks for the response, nvsmom. I was thinking 2 months didn't sound like a long enough time either. When i did the month long elimination, some of my symptoms disappeared (my rash, etc) but I felt like I still should have kept at it. I'm actually looking forward to having a solid diagnosis and...
  14. Thanks, CherylS. I finished the elimination diet at the end of July and then kind of gradually started eating it again. The past month or so it's kind of been a free for all.
  15. I just got my blood test results back and my doctor said that it's indicative of Celiac, wants me to try gluten-free for 2 months, if my symptoms disappear, the diagnosis is basically confirmed. I did Whole30 diet a few months back and my symptoms disappeared (abdominal pain, bloat, hives, rash on...