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  1. When I was in cross country we would travel to compete and it was a huge hassle to find something I could eat. Everyone always wanted fast food or pizza. Well i made it through by packing food or just being hungry until i could find something. Well tomorrow I have a banquet and they are serving...
  2. tomorrow I have a banquet for cross country.... lets see how this goes

  3. I know that I'm a little young to be going on dates. But what can I say, it's my senior year and its time to have fun. Ive been asked on quite a few dates most of which I have turned down (they were not great people), the few I have gone on were terrible. Most people don't realize how hard it is...
  4. My whole life i've been dreaming got the day that I could join the National Guard! It has been something that i never had to think about wanting to do. Well I'm finally old enough to join which is the best thing ever! but...... i have celiacs. My recruiter has informed me that because of my allergy...