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  1. I loved the Walmart brand 100% corn pasta but they stopped making it and switched to brown rice. 100% rice pasta can upset my stomach (gas). I switched to Barilla, and while I don’t love it, I eat it 4-5 times a week with no issues. I get sick from cross contamination whenever others cook for me (restaurants, friends, etc). What was the composition of the brand you switched from? Maybe it is a problem with rice or corn?
  2. I eat them all the time and have no problems even though I am fairly sensitive.
  3. Vegasgirl2007

    23 and Me- Celiac Gene Testing

    I did the 23 and Me test when it first came out (before the issues with the FDA that caused it to be changed up bit) just out of general curiosity-nothing to do with celiac disease. It showed that I had a substantially higher likelihood of having Celiac Disease than normal. I’m not sure how it words things now. A couple of years later, I was diagnosed after having problems for years but never putting the pieces together and never having a doctor that recognized the problem. I ended up decideing that I needed to lead a doctor in that direction and eventually found one who tested me for it.
  4. I use eos lip balm. I prefer the strawberry sorbet but I think all the flavors are listed as gluten free and so is their lotion.
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    I was never officially diagnosed with DH, but now having a confirmation of celiac disease via EGD/biopsy I am fairly certain that I was plagued with DH for years before I knew what was going on. I got several tattoos during that time. I periodically had problems that caused the ink to "heal out" of the tattoo so I have some patchy areas. It seems to have only been where there was red ink but I don't know that it was the allergy to certain pigments that others talk about because it would be fine for long periods and seemed to flare up at times. I can't say it was or wasn't a reaction to the ink but it did create the need for touch ups (although I've not done them yet).
  6. I totally know how you feel! I reluctantly stopped eating gluten as a test for a few days after my doctor had done the bloodwork (while I was waiting on results) and to my surprise, I started feeling better about 3 days in--no more constant headache or stomach pain but still a long way from "good". My doctor told me that there was no question but that he was going to refer me to a GI anyway to see if he still wanted to do a biopsy. The GI I saw yesterday acted as if I was crazy at first because he had the bloodwork from my previous doctor (who said I was "sad that I didn't have a boyfriend" which is completely ridiculous!), which was all normal and did not include a celiac panel. Then he saw the panel along with every other test that was done to that point in an attempt to rule things like thyroid issues, blood sugar issues, etc. and decided to schedule me for a biopsy next week. I wouldn't have eaten gluten in about 3.5 weeks at that point so I was told by others that I should still start a gluten challenge even though it is only a week before the test. I ate some last night and this morning and the headache, etc is back with a vengeance already. I hadn't really wanted to do the biopsy anyway, especially after reading through the paper work that says I can't drive for 8 hours afterwards. My concern is that somehow that short period of going gluten free before the biopsy will cause one of the false negatives that I have read so much about. As for having to go gluten free, I seriously thought I would starve at first since I am so picky and so lazy. I have found some of the gluten-free foods available near me to actually be pretty good even though I used to constantly eat fast food. I am a little concerned about holiday meals, particularly when I go home at Christmas but I think I have already found suitable substitutes for Thanksgiving. It takes way more effort than I was used to, but overall isn't terrible. Good luck to you and know that you are not alone!
  7. My PCP ran a CBC, thyroid test, and food allergy panel in addition to a celiac panel consisting of Gliadin AB, Deamid. IgG, Gliadin AB, Deamid. IgA, TTG IgG, and TTG IgA. Everything was completely normal except the celiac panel (he said he was truly shocked at the fact that the numbers not only indicated positive results but all were actually off the charts with both IgA tests over 10x higher than the minimum positive thresholds.) He said that really the only reason to go through with the biopsy was to set a baseline for the future, but he did give a referral to a gastroenterologist. I decided to try to stop eating gluten for a few days to see if I noticed ANY difference because I absolutely love every gluten filled creation you can come up with (ok a bit of an exaggeration because I am a picky eater, but I truly felt that I would starve without it!). I was skeptical but after 3 days, the headache that I have had for months went away and I could feel the muscles in my back and neck trying to start to relax-even muscle relaxers for a month barely achieved that. After about 2 weeks, the itchy, blistering rash on my knees and elbows (which I had on and off, mostly on depending on diet at the time, for about 10 years) completely stopped itching and has almost completely gone away. The gastroenterologist seemed to think that I was faking it because it is a "fad", he actually hadn't seen the results of the bloodwork and kind of changed his attitude towards me once he did. I scheduled the biopsy for next Wednesday, but that will put me at about 3.5 weeks gluten free. I actually feel somewhat better although there is still a long way to go, but I am concerned that I may have gone off gluten for too long, especially given his attitude towards me and what I have read about false negatives due to sampling techniques during biopsies. Is it worth eating gluten for the next week or is it too late? I have a doctor's note for work/meeting meals already and even though I was extremely doubtful, I do feel better.