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  1. I’m Celiac so it may be different...but have you had your gallbladder checked? I had issues with meat fats and any junk food when my gallbladder went bad.
  2. OMG I’ve having the same issue with dairy, sugars, even natural sugars like fruits! I’m following this thread. I really thought I was the only one! Thanks for asking it. My dr says I just need to go a good 6 months gluten/sugar/dairy free to “reset my system” and it should help. We’ll see. Goo...
  3. I had a similar reaction (couldn’t lose weight then lost way too much after diagnosis...then a year later weight ballooned and I couldn’t lose it no matter what) BUT, I have found that my body hates sugar of all kinds. I went on the Whole30 diet at my doctor’s direction (no dairy, no sugar, no r...
  4. I use Acure lotions. Love love love them! Also love LipSense lipstick and Younique stiff upper lip lip stain. I use Younique eyeliner and mascara...and a bit of blush/bronzer by Neutrogena. When I wear concealer, it's Younique. (I sell Younique now because the results are that good with no reaction...
  5. I'm a first sergeant's wife (ret.). Yes, it disqualifies you from serving. If it is diagnosed during service, you will be med boarded out of the military because all MRE's and d-fac's are unsafe for a Celiac. I'm not sure about NOAA Corps.
  6. Yes, I had a perforated colon as well. At 21 years old. I'm now 35 and only a year into being gluten free, and no more issues as long as there is no cross contamination issues. Your body can only handle one pain at a time, so if something got worse, look into that. (And keep in mind misdiagnoses...
  7. Yes, and I had to quit soda pop and limit lactose to get rid of it. It hurt so badly I would be sweating bullets.
  8. If it says "artificial flavorings" or "natural flavorings"...I will refuse to eat or drink it unless it says specifically that it's gluten free. The damage to my villi is not worth it.
  9. I was in an out of wheelchairs for 26 years - even had surgery on both feet - which did NOT work - and now since being gluten free, and eating mostly organic fruits and veggies, I am no longer in pain. The pain in my feet is mostly gone. I have eliminated gluten, as well as most caffeine, as well...
  10. I'm unable to eat some things without gluten-type symptoms. I don't think it's gluten, I think it's pesticides and weed killer that's sprayed on just before harvest to make the harvest heavier and with less weeds. Cheerio's uses this. Wouldn't be surprised if this is your issue. Try some brand that...
  11. Beer is gluten. Beer is a no-no for NCGI or Celiac patients. Try wine, most are gluten free.
  12. You may have a lot of strange symptoms for the first year. Your body is healing! But as for frequent diarrhea, it could be just the detox from gluten. I know it sounds crazy, but I had diarrhea, anxiety, and sleep disturbances often in the first month after going gluten free. If you're anything like...
  13. Sorry for my type-o, I'm on my iPad and I have fat fingers apparently, LOL.
  14. I'm so sorry you're going through that. I'm just about going on a year since my diagnosis. I don't eat out. Just went on vacation, and when handed a gluten-free menu, I asked if they prepare it on a separate part of the kitchen, and if they didn't know, or if they said no, I didn't eat...
  15. Yes. The connection between gluten and the thyroid is strong. And the connection between sleep issues and the thyroid is strong. So it's not unreasonable to think the issues are connected to gluten.