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    I'm a breastfeeding mama, Celiac, Educator, Mentor, Holistic Nutritionist and I LOVE food! Come play in the kitchen with me and see- Ill Show you everything I know ;) I travel the world and never let Celiac get in my way, and even stay safe doing it! Together lets spread the word about our Kryptonite - I HATE GLUTEN!!!
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    Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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I am a Celiac Nutritionist who helps the Newly Diagnosed Celiac get passed the overwhelm & confusion into a healthy gratefully gluten free life!




  1. I know there has been a lot of suggestions to go and talk to you doctor already - so I am on repeat - to get the best / accurate results - gluten should be eaten prior to the scope being done. I hope that you can get/ or already have been able to get the appointment bumped up - keep...
  2. Hi, Lacey. Sounds like you have tried a lot. I just read the post that you have tried some of Dr. Axe's suggestions - that is great to see that they are helping! Have you done any specific work before with any of the other practitioners to specifically heal the gut? Keep...
  3. O I feel your Migraine pain! That was my one and only symptoms for YEARS and YEARS..... until one day finally it all turned into tummy problems and joint issues, (the list goes on and on...) Often you will notice your "main" symptom/s appear pretty soon after eating gluten (some its minutes...
  4. How scary to watch your child go through what you have seen. I wish you huge luck with both biopsies. In urge before you and your daughter go gluten free - celiac can also be "silent" - and it is very common and normal to run in direct relatives- I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you and your...
  5. I thought this would be a good resource for the newly diagnosed! What were the first celiac/ gluten free related pages you joined on Face book after being diagnosed???
  6. Hi! I would LOVE to discuss this with you and see if anything ever came of it! (Being 6 years later, I wonder how things have changed...?)
  7. Hi, Sterling. If it's possible - try and find out through your reports if there is ANY percentage of villi atrophy. Glad you are seeing a gluten consultant, is it at one of the celiac centres?
  8. When you are in the field, your mind always goes to the worst because you "know to much" - use your knowledge to research and logically think things through (which is super crazy difficult to do when its ourselves). That is not very cool that she said she didnt see "anything" - but maybe nothing...
  9. That Tea blend sounds great I would caution that the Match may have the opposite effect of what we sometimes want green tea for (to calm and chill out with!) - Matcha can be quite stimulating!
  10. Green Tea is amazing for a ton of things. For joints it can help to bring down inflammation in the joints. Whatever brand you decide on, you can always call and ask questions about processing, if it comes into contact with anything that contains gluten etc.
  11. I have spoken with New Chapter on this topic a lot, and unfortunately I love them but can not recommend them from anyone with Celiac Disease- You are best to avoid anything grown or fermented on wheat (although the fermentation process minimizes the amount of gluten drastically). Quinoa is generally...
  12. Do you have a good high speed blender, you can try and make a version of it at home! (Free of all the extra crap!) I LOVE home made almond and coconut milk also For Quinoa milk: Cook Quinoa Use one cup quinoa and 2-3 cups water, add 1-4 medjool dates, a pinch of himalayan...
  13. Do you have a copy of your pathology biopsy report? Yes? What exactly does it state? (ie: does it have any atrophy or duodenitis stated on the report?) No? - Ask your doctor for a copy. Is the pathologist unfamiliar with Celiac Disease? (this could potentially effect...
  14. They need to have taken at least 4-6 samples for accuracy. Many GI don't know this yet and only take one or two. Question both your Gastroenterologist and the pathologist to ensure that they are both familiar with Celiac disease. To respond to your question about if its still...