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  1. I just looked up naturalpaths in my area. They said anything below 50 is too low. Regular doctors were disagree with that. Again he wants my ferritin to be above 70. I have ton a ton of reason on this and am shocked to see how many people with lower ferritin feels like us.
  2. My experience prettying muh mirrors yours. After 12 specialists/doctors, I was about to give up. I went and saw a natural path, and he asked if anyone had tested my iron or ferritin. I said I assumed so because over the past 15 months they did a crazy about of blood work. He ordered the lab, and...
  3. It is probably the probiotics. I get really sick when I take them and feel like I have the flu. I am now eating one tbsp of fermented carrots and one tbsp of sauerkraut each day in place of probiotics. I also just started drinking water kefir. I feel like I am having a similar reaction to the water...
  4. Hello, i am new and trying to figure this all out. Do I need to have seperate dishes and silverware? Is it ok to wash all dishes together in the dishwasher? i have a 5 and 3 year old. I am touching foods with gluten breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. I feel like I am washing my hands...
  5. Yes. I had most of the symptoms you spoke of. 15 months of tests after test. No one could figure it out. Then A naturalpath tested me for celiacs and then tested my iron/ferritin. Came back with celiacs. My initial blood panels all came back ok (regs blood testing, not celiac specific) so docs never...
  6. Two questions. how do I set my profile so my address and personal info does not show? how do I open up and view all the different posts in each of the categories on the home page? When I click the title, nothing happens,. I would like to scroll through all previous posts for...
  7. Hello, i am new to this site. Was really sick for 15 months. Saw tons of doctors or could not figure it out. Finally saw a naturalpath. He quickly figured it out. Turns out most of my symptoms were from iron deficiency due to wheat intolerance. Ferritin was a 6. I have a few questions. ...