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  1. Hi all, I won't even get into my frustration with my insurance but as of Jan 1st my insurance is only allowing...
  2. Right here! Except by the time I was diagnosed I was dealing with many physical issues of varying types. I've dealt...
  3. This specific product was shared on a Facebook group where the member learned there was indeed wheat in her melatonin...
  4. manitourose

    Biopsy Time

    Good luck! It will be over swiftly.
  5. Hi anxietyqueen, I hope the weekend and last few days have been better. I was diagnosed in mid-Dec and went gluten...
  6. manitourose

    Scheduled for biopsy...

    You're close to knowing, just remind yourself of that. It's hard to not get overwhelmed, let your mind wander and feel...
  7. manitourose

    Celiac panel positive

    Thank you gemini. I'm definitely a worry wart but I am thrilled to be heading down a path to an answer. Just overwhelmed...
  8. Hello all, Thank you for providing a space to chat and gain support. I am hoping to learn more before my...