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  1. Thanks, this is reassuring. I have to remember that there is no set pattern for recovery from anything really, and when something such as celiac disease affects individuals in so many different ways it's impossible to foresee how that recovery will go. Infuriating though! ive been keeping a...
  2. Thanks Darren, just when I have a bad period I think it's not working! I know I need to be patient, I just thought I'd have more results by now. I will double check for cc but our house is largely gluten free now after I'm pretty sure I got glutened by a stray pastry crumb a month or so ago...
  3. It's so tough to begin with isn't it, identifying everything. I've about got it Sussed when I cook from home, not yet had the balls to eat out yet (I know that sounds silly and a fear I'll have to face soon!) i guess we do just have to keep plodding on and it really will take time.
  4. Thanks Jenifer, that's kind of what everyone here is saying to me... I'm healing and take each good day as a one up. Problem is I can't tell a good day until it's done if that makes sense? I guess I just have to ride this thing and hope the good days start outweighing the bad. I think I need...
  5. Hi all, happy new year! This is my first post and I hope someone can help. I was diagnosed on 12th December but because of length of time to actually get biopsy results, I've been gluten free for coming up to 9 weeks now. Also dairy free, and grain free on the advice of my GI during the...