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  1. Thank you. I didn't hear back from the Blairstown group yet. It was a 7 year old post I found about them, so they might not be active.
  2. Thanks, I was able to find a ROCKS in Blairstown. Not sure if they're still active but I will contact them today. That would be great if they are! Thank you!
  3. I will try that. I had to get permission from the principle for the teacher to give me the first names of the kids in his class so I could send out invites for his birthday. So, they're a bit weird about that stuff.
  4. Thanks, yes we've been to Mama's. It's a little far away, we are on the PA side. Yes please ask your friends in stroudsburg, that's really close to us. Thanks again!
  5. Is there a way to find out if any members here are in my area? Stroudsburg, PA, Lehigh valley, Blairstown NJ? My 7 year old doesn't know any other kids who have celiac and he feels pretty alone.
  6. Hi everyone. Each year my Husband and I throw a big birthday party for my son and all of the food is gluten free. I was hoping to find some people in our area who might like to attend this weekend. We always have our neighbors and his classmates come. Everyone loves the food, but most people don...