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  1. Hello everybody! Last July, I had a positive blood test for Ceilac(Igg, Iga). After 10 years of struggle with my health, I finally got an answer. I went gluten-free and followed the "Specaific Carbohydrate Diet"( by Elaine Gottschale, everybody should read her, her experience saved me so much life, thanks to her, I've become belly pain free). I had "celiac attacks" for another 8 months. They are a mix of extreme exhaustion with brain fog, like if I have an unbearable weight on my chest. The gluten-free diet has changed a lot for me. But, I have not found a normal life yet. Stress is like the main factor of my attacks. Sometimes, I know that I have been contaminated. Though, I am not sure from where. I still get sick with flu or flu-like virus, very easily. The revolution, is that I have no more depressive thoughts. Depression is OUT of my life. I am a new spirit. Or, lets say that I found back my spirit. It feels GOOD. Thank you my GI, thank you God. Or vice versa? Who Knows? Last month, I did a genetic blood test. It came back NEGATIVE! And, my mother did hers, it came back POSITIVE! My questions are: -is there any of you who has been having a similar recovery? The stress factor still bugs me. -how do you explain the fact that I have the symptoms of ceilac without the gene and my mother has no symptoms with having the gene? -do you think that there might be another gene unrevealed yet? Thank you so much for your insight, lots of hugs and smiles for everybody, Nathela.
  2. Hi Girls! I am paranoid with make-up... Since I have been told that I am ceilac, I've stopped wearing any make-up. Ingredients are not listed on any of my make-up, I bougth them like 2 years ago. Could you advice me and letting me know if there is any particular products that you like? It will save me so much time. I contacted a lot of the companies, but they say that it will take them 2 to 4 weeks to answer me. I want to be pretty again! Lots of hugs for those who need it, cheers... Nathela.
  3. Hi everybody! I would like to add a thought, here. Let's not forget that the cause is gluten. But, after years of damage, our intestines are like overworked. Soy, caseine, milk, egg and complex food like potatoes, rice... refined sugar are difficult to digest. Also, keeping a food journal is the only way to understand the missing parts of our solution. Please, have a look at these three books: ( once again they changed my understanding of the problem/solution) -The new Eating rigth for a bad gut by James Scala. -Breaking the vicious cycle by Elaine Gottschall -Dangerous grains by James Braly. I wish to all of us to start a spiritual and physical healing. Thank you so much for your support, Nathela.
  4. Hi! I had so many setbacks after I went gluten-free. My make-up, shampoo, were the problems. BUt, something else was the problem. I would like to discuss it with you: CARBS FROM RICE, POTATOES, CORN, CHEESE and SUGAR. NOt only we have to eat gluten-free, but I deeply believe that we need to change our diet to help the intestines heal. Not eating complex food ( polysaccaharides) for the intestines to digest peacefuly, is NUMBER ONE PRIORITY FOR AVOIDING ANY SETBACK. Only the sugar from fruits: fructose, and honey are the only two sources of sugar allowed. Corn syrup, refined sugar, are toxics for us!!! Believe me! I followed the diet of a wonderful book called," The Special Carb Diet." I get no more of those awful endless fatigue. I got to know about this book from one of us. Thank you so much to the person who brought this book to me, It saved me from depression!!! Allelouha! Good luck!
  5. Hey Guys! I would like to do the food allergy test from York Lab. I got to know about it in this forum. But, I can not fingd the website of YORK Lab. Is there anybody who could help me? Thank you so much, Nathela.
  6. Last week, I was feelig so bad. MY GI wanted me to re-introduce gluten for an endoscopy. I had been so much in pain while I had gluten. I did not know what to think. Then, Peter. wrote a wonderful response to my post, with a lot of medical details. We made the decision with my husband that I would not re-introduce gluten if I have a biospy. My blood test is igg 16 and iga 8. I am on a gluten-free diet for the last 3 months. Now, the question is to know: do I need a biopsy? How important is to know the statut of the small intestine to prevent lymphoma, cancer.....???? I have been more tired since I went gluten-free. I have only 20% of my energy. Some days, I can work for 3, 4 hours. Other days, I can not move, washing my hair feels like running 50 mile marathon. Of course, I am surprised to feel weaker than before. The improvement is that my pain is almost gone. (colon pain). But, I am still worried. This loss of energy, is so weird. I won't ever eat gluten again. I have the conviction that I am ceilac. Do you think that the Enterolab tests for genes, malabsortion and some York test for food allergies are enough to get better and to have a clear full understanding of the ceilac sprue? Thank you so much for all your support, this forum has changed my life!!!
  7. That's funny. Do I need to have a biopsy, though? A way to know that my small intestine is ok? What do you think? Thank you I would love to have the list ... I have hard time to find a body lotion, and sf30 sunscreen, and make-up... Nathela.
  8. Thank you so much for the time you spent on my question. It relieved my husband and I a great deal. We felt it was not right to go back to gluten but we were not sure of the consequences on my medical situation. So, now the question is for us: do I do an endoscopy for having a biopsy or not? I won't re-introduce gluten but knowing how my villis are doing, can be a good idea. What do you think? Do you know any GI in Los Angeles? Thank you again, you made a family be stronger.
  9. Psyllium changed my life! Please try it ASAP! No more pain, bowel movements do happen!!
  10. I feel awful! My GI tells me that I HAVE to eat gluten again if I want to have a clear understanding of my biopsy. I started to be on gluten-free diet three months ago. My igg, iga are still abnormal: 16 and 8. Why for god sake do I need to induce myself with gluten when I still have a positive blood celiac panel?!!! What do we look for? A confirmation of celiac disease? Or, a history? I am really confused..
  11. I live in Los Feliz, in Los Angeles. I am also looking for a good celiac GI specialist in the area. So, if you like the new doctor, can you let me know? Thank you. I am going to research on naturepath.com... I heard it might be helpful.
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