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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Well, just to add to the nuts concern.I bought a container of mixed nuts not thinking that it may have any glutin, but once I was reaching for it I found a warning that it may contain WHAET!. So becarefull with some brands. Celiacat35
  3. Hi all I visited a holistic practioner under the pressure of a friend of mine, and she tested me to all kinds of grains and soy. THE scary part I was allergic to soy as bad as to glutin and wheat , she even said I should stay away fro megg youlks. She apractice that utilizes meredian and allergy elimination technique. Iam certain was not eitch craft lolY, but I didi not belive in it fully. I would stay away from oats and other shady grains like barley and malt . The consiquences of celiac are so bad and severr that is not worth it . the thing about soy is that some people may be okay with it while others are not.i for example when I eat I feel like tired and heavy,but no GI symptoms it is almost like my body is working extra to digest it. all the best to all Celiac at35 Hassan
  4. Hi there You know I thought I was healthy because all my life I was never sick except when I was between the ages of 5 and 16 I had anemia on and off and dry skin in my feet. The reality I was sick but Idid not know it. As I entered 17 years of age I was good looking, healthyand little skinny I played different sports and never was sick even the common flu. I was about 32 years of age with some newly aqauired life stress,and all the sudden i devolped an Anxiety problem and that was not me.I never knew fear even during Gulf war 1. Well my doctor prescribed Paxil and I felt great like before,till December 2000 when I started having GI problems . Finaly I was diagnosed in the mid of 2001 with celiac sprue. I was terrified had no clue what to do Iloved pizza and beer!!!. My doctor said the only cure is adherence to gluten-free diet which I have been on eversince. Sorry to hear about you going through this, but I think u will do fine . Just remember "When in Dought do not eat out ". read all the labels carefully . I buy my food out of health stores and try to be carefull. Wish the best celiacat35 Hassan
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