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  1. sarah, are you talking about a nursing baby? have you eliminated soy, too?
  2. anything that irritates the intestines can cause mucous in the bowel movements. if the gluten free diet doesn't improve things, you might want to do some more investigating.
  3. no, my husband doesn't have celiac----we don't know yet which one of us carries the gene, either.
  4. my husband has a ton of lipomas on his legs. he recently had several large ones removed. where is the info about lipomas being caused by a metabolic disease? or is that only internal ones?
  5. i have some of that in my mouth right now.
  6. i have reflux problema and this is the feeling i have been having alot lately----food feeling like it never goes completely down, and then i burp alot and feel uncomfortable. i have actually had food get stuck in my esophagus, it was pretty painful. it lasted for about 45 min. and i couldn't swallow...
  7. the stats that i have seen said 1 in 10 of first degree relatives and 1 in 30 of second degree relatives----but i can't tell you where i read it.
  8. my kids(3 with celiac) see a pediactric gi. they were diagnosed the week between christmas and new years. we have also had 4 more of our children tested and my husband and myself. we have 4 more children that have not been tested yet. we know that one of our celiac free children has a celiac gene...
  9. usually you get relief from lying on your left side because of the way the esophagus attaches to the stomach-----i wonder why it is worse for you on that side. christine
  10. i've had problems with acid reflux for over 14 years----and i rarely ever taste acid in my mouth----unless something happens to make it almost all the way up to my mouth, but then it kind of tastes like vomit. i would get horrible pain in my chest, clear through to my back, sometimes all the way...
  11. sounds like it could be acid reflux. christine