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  1. Obviously, it could *not* be celiac, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it *is* celiac. My daughter had soft foul-smelling stool at that age. Her celiac panel came black negative, but later came back suggestive and her biopsy was suggestive but inconclusive. The doctor says she probably has it...
  2. This forum post came up when I Google searched Kirkland Dish Soap. I called them today and they said there is no gluten in the dish soap. Janis
  3. I ordered the cookbook the same day you recommended it. I am SO excited! I actually cried looking through the book! I honestly don't believe I am good at all in the kitchen. I am lucky enough to have a husband who cooks everything when he's home. The only thing I felt skilled at in the kitchen...
  4. So we did end up doing the biopsy. It was inconclusive. There is villous atrophy, but not enough to diagnose celiac. There were no other significant findings. However, the GI doctor said that with the "suggestive" blood work and the "suggestive" biopsy, celiac is "highly suggested" in the combination...
  5. Thank you for all the replies. I kind of imagined that was the response I would get on this forum. My husband keeps collecting opinions against the biopsy, but mostly from people who either don't understand or who are simply afraid of traditional medicine. It will be a long road, I imagine. Thanks...
  6. My daughter is 4 years old and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's autoimmune hypothyroidism. She also had a celiac panel done and the only abnormal measurement was TTG IgG. Her TTG IgA level was normal. She has gone to the GI doctor who recommends a biopsy. My husband and I were on board with the idea...