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  1. @pag794 Thanks. I just deal with it for now. The thing I'm focused on right now is finally getting back to normal and not feeling like crud anymore. So far I'm feeling better despite a few hurdles I have to go over. Hang in there. It'll all work out! @SLLRunner I've tried explaining to them the seriousness of everything, but they think they know best. I'm also a type 1 diabetic and they still think that it's just taking a shot and not eating sugar. They have no idea that no matter how perfect you take care of yourself, you can still have the complications. My husband has even told me he won't put money into an insulin pump because he "doesn't want to get screwed." But that's ok. I just have to take care of myself. I just want to say how wonderful this group is. It makes me feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one going through things. You all are great!
  2. I went through the same thing, just about. I didn't involve doctors trying to diagnose, but my liver enzymes were elevated, I was losing weight, weak, tired and not gaining weight no matter what I ate or how much. I also would go into food comas quite often, but weighed that to my diabetes even though my glucose readings weren't THAT bad. Anyway, I finally was hospitalized for a fast heart rate and that's when they determined it was anemia. They then scoped me to look for ulcers and found my small intestine didn't look right. They then took a biopsy and ran tests and sure enough I had Celiac. I would definitely have your doctor test specifically for Celiac. Blood, biopsy, and scope. I'm finally feeling almost normal now, and if it gets too advanced, it gets bad.
  3. My numbness isn't in my face, it's around my waist. However I have had numbness in my face and my whole left side, but the numbness in my waist is constant. Does anyone suffer with this?
  4. I'm sort of in the same boat. I've been dealing with symptoms for the past three years and was just recently hospitalized because of severe anemia due to my celiac, which I was just officially diagnosed at the end of January. My husband never has supported me when I'm sick and has even called me a hypochondriac. Saying that I fake being sick so I can sit on the couch all day, despite the fact I was pale as a ghost, had shortness of breath from walking to the bathroom, 30 pounds underweight, and so weak I couldn't walk up any sort of steps etc.. I was out of the hospital for two weeks when I had to go back for another transfusion and he wouldn't drive me because "it was my fault I was sick". So, I drove myself to the hospital, severely anemic, crying because I was scared and alone and somewhat peeved. Long story short, I was officially diagnosed with celiac. When I came home from the hospital I came in to my house to be confronted by my in laws telling me that I was "wasting my life acting sick" and I was "clinically depressed" and that I needed to "take some happy pills". They didn't ask about, what the doctors said, or even asked if I was feeling ok. They just yelled and criticized me for "being a hypochondriac" and that I needed to quit and basically be June Cleaver. Its a month out now and I'm feeling overall better, other than some joint pains and diarrhea. My husband still doesn't support me. I can tell every time I mention something about how I'm feeling, he completely shuts down and has even told me he's tired of hearing about what's wrong with me. I know how you feel. The best advice I can give you is to take care of yourself. Chances are (even thou I recommend going) if you go to the GI and get an "official" diagnosis, his view on it won't change. All you can do is look out for you. You're your own advocate. Wishing you the best. You can do it!