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  1. Recent circular in Denver showed Bobs Red Mill gluten-free baking mix. Anybody know of other things they carry? Anything has to be cheaper than wholefoods/wildoats/vitamin cottage.
  2. Managed to gluten myself badly after I worked out last thursday at the gym, bought an Odwalla "Green Machine" stupid me never thought about looking at the ingredients, something must make it bright green! Sure enough after I drank the entire thing lots of gluten crap in the ingredients. Became severely sick that night and friday allday, been sick ever since (tuesday now), severe sore throat, chronic gas, headaches, bloating, nausea. Hopefully feel better soon, but last night me and my dad played scrabble together and had a good ol time with our fart battles So yea, "wind" is quite common amond celiacs, and its rather annoying.
  3. I have not tried to get rid of anything besides gluten. Ever since going gluten-free I get this almost constant craving for milk, and go through 2 gallons of milk a week now, I'm sure thats no good. But my GI tract is in pristine condition now since going gluten-free.
  4. Last december I was fired at my last job because of my attitude, May before that I was fired from another job also for my attitude, the reason for the attitude? "Bipolar" said the doctor. But now, I'm starting to realize something wiht my tiredness, I am ALWAYS tired, told my doc, tested positive for Sleep Apnea, put me on a CPAP machine last junt, used it every night for 2 months, didnt do anything, then have been using it about 5 days a week since and still always tired, plus I'm getting progressively MORE tired EVERY DAY... Told my doc again, gave me seroquel, knocks me out cold, I wake up hungover, and can' tremember the last hour of my life before I conked out. My eyelids are always very heavy even without the seroquel, my sister calls them "little chinese eyes" (shes 25 and doesnt seem to have this problem, though she might have Celiac but is in denial)..And when I wake up, even without the seroquel, I feel extremely hungover, my eyes take about 30 blinks to actually open and focus on anythign, and I kind of stumble around for an hour until my brain kicks in. At work today while sauteing up some pastas I suddenly realized that I couldnt focus, ON ANYTHING! I stood there for a second, and thought omg, everything is blurry and I get double vision every now and then. I am still having the blurry part, and slight double vision. But I see my Chefs talking about me and they are looking at other resumes. Now, my left eye tends to get out of focus almost 90% of the time, I went to see the eye doc a few weeks ago, and he didnt notice anything at all. while watching TV itll just either itch, or just loose focus (like you need to usually blink to fix, but blinking doesnt do anything for this). What do I do? What's wrong with me!?
  5. Parmesan cheese itself is gluten-free but often companies will use wheat products in already processed shredded/shaved containers to prevent sticking of the cheese to itself. Same goes for frozen hashbrowns and fries.
  6. I'm a 6'3" 270lb male and I am also often cold, even with my apartment set for 68 I'm often cold, but othertimes I'm hot, even on cold days, its very confusing for me. But I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks
  7. Last night and today, my first ever case of Constipation, been gluten-free for bout 2 months or so now, my GI tract is amazingly silent, until these days with the constipation. Friggin annoying as hell, and rather painful sometimes. Luckily my 5 pounds of dried Turkish Gold Figs came in yesterday that should help clear me up right quick.
  8. Lakefront has a distributor that is based in Castle Rock, and the master brewer told me a month or 2 ago that they sell in most Whole Foods, and some local liquor stores. I usually go to Argonaut Liquor over on Colfax, but they don't have any gluten-free beers, which store did you get yours at?
  9. Last year my parents spent 4 months in Nigeria for vacation/business. And when they got back of course they told me everything they found out about the place. One very interesting piece of information was that they don't eat wheat anymore. And when they do, they become sick. Maybe this is americas future? A life of everyone being "allergic" to gluten. I know Latex allergies are on the rise because of over use, and just look at things like penicillin, was overused in the past, and now many people can't hjandle it. heh, I just reread the original message and jsut realised that I talked about nothing at all pertaining to it oh well.
  10. I was diagnosed with Abnormal Sleep Apnea mid 2005. Said it was abnormal cause I had far more "awakenings" from the lack of oxygen, but I wasn't actually awake, then the normal sufferer. Since receiving the device, I have logged ~800 hours on it, faaarrrr below using it every night. Now, using it I have never really felt awake at all. I'm always still tired and zone out 90% of conversations I'm in, and even while typing this very sentence I can't really focus on anything. I also take seroquel as of a few weeks ago, which knocks me out within 45 minutes, and I wake up 10 or so hours later with a hangover. Anywho, I use a ComfortSelect Nasal Mask with headgear, Small ( http://cpap-supply.com/aspcart/prodetails.asp?prodid=1007930 ). It fits snuggly, and rarely falls off, but if it does then my machine ( REMstar Plus with C-Flex ) will beep at me and wake me up just enough to get it back on. OK...now..for the constant tiredness..why am I always tired? If I use the machine for a month every night, still tired. Also, over the past few months my nose tends to start getting sooo blocked up from something with it on that I have to take it off halfway through th enight. Doc gave me Flonase, but that doesnt seem to help too much. At the initial fitting for the machine, and receiving the machine, the worker person said that every month I will receive a new mask. But I have yet to actually hear anything from the company since obtaining the machine. PS: I'm using level "7"
  11. Lakeshore Brewery New Grist gluten-free beer is sold at Whole foods (according to the master brewer)
  12. I'm still too tired to really do anything anyday. Joining a gym tomorrow to see if I can get back in that rythum (felt great when I used to go). 90% of my walking around I just stare randomly. And while driving, oy, no good, I just stare off at one thing and drive. I take Prozac (Depression), Seroquel (Anti-Schiz(dont think I'm a schiz) and sleeping aid, even though I never had a problem sleeping) and I'm on CPAP for Sleep Apnea. ps: I apologiize to all for not searching for very long, just one general search then I just get tired of reading. Sunday comics with anything more than this sentence, and I pass over it. If anything longer than that, I get halfway through, and either forget what I read, or just zone off.
  13. Speaking of milk, ever since going gluten-free I can't stop drinking milk! I find myself going through an entire gallon twice a week. Before going gluten-free most of the container would spoil before I got around to using it. Why the intense craving?
  14. I have the same philosopsy, I only tested positive on one of my 2 blood tests for Sprue , and have not done a biopsy yet, but I hope that it really is celiac, then I can have a name for something that has been haunting me for sooooooooo many years! My doctors always treated the symptops, "oh hes bipolar" "bipolar schizophrenia" "chronic depression" "ADD" "ADHD" "Sleep Apnea" "Over weight". And now they are finally looking a tthe cause. Makes me soooo happy PS: GO BRONCOS!!!
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