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  1. I second this! I found out about their pizza right before my doctor told me I have celiac, and I, too, made the mistake of ordering it. Misery ensued. I didn't feel right for days. Never doing this again. Darn them for getting my hopes up!
  2. My doc is actually a nurse practitioner, so that could be a portion of the issue. As far as family, I'm the only one with any problems, and I've always had a problem stomach. So far, my kids all seem to be alright, though for my sanity my hubs (who has nutritionist training, we just couldn't afford...
  3. I understand getting tested is extremely important, but given how quickly I was losing weight, and that I'm already underweight, for the sake of my health she decided the testing was not in my best interest at this time. When I eat gluten, I literally cannot function for days. I have spells where...
  4. Hi everyone! I've been recently "diagnosed" with celiac. My doctor had me try going without gluten for a few weeks to see if it helped after we determined by food tracking that I was miserable after ingesting anything gluten. Given how miserable I was while eating it, she doesn't want to put me back...