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I am type 1 diabetic and have just had my whole Thyroid removed for Thyroid Cancer. Not properly diagnosed with Celiac yet! 

  1. Stay gluten free. I have gone off it a few times and regretted it. More autoimmune diseases can come. I have no thyroid/thyroid cancer and type 1 diabetes and I blame gluten. But, I did feel a lot better when I started taking refrigerated Probiotics (at the health food store in a fridge). I think...
  2. Hi there! I am type 1 diabetic and also just started to eat gluten free. I've definitely noticed that the gluten free food tends to have more carbs than I would expect. When it comes to gluten-free pastas, I now make sure to measure because it is insane how high I can get if I don't. Generally though...
  3. Thank you for your response! I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. It must be so frustrating. I have definitely noticed my blood sugar control has been a lot better since gluten free! I've taken my insulin control into my own hands instead of waiting for my doctors to help me adjust it. Its taken...
  4. I am 22 and have had Type 1 Diabetes for years. I've just had a total thyroidectomy for Thyroid Cancer and was convinced my Thyroid wasn't functioning properly, but never had the correct blood-work to prove it (only TSH). My doctor did a blood test for Celiac, but I had already been off gluten...